Million Hoodie March Vancouver this SUNDAY!/MattChillin_/status/184420937364553728

That means tomorrow, people. We may not have a million people in Vangroover, but we can make up for the numbers with heart.

2pm, Grandview Park. I bought a Thuggie just for the occasion, and may wear my Guy Fawkes mask as well. After all, his colour is what really targeted Trayvon, and behind a mask you can’t tell what colour we are: we are all, in that sense, Anonymous. It’s tragic that for black and First Nations people this would represent an increase in personal safety while for white people it represents a decrease.

It’s beyond time to raise this issue.

2pm. Grandview Park.

11 thoughts on “Million Hoodie March Vancouver this SUNDAY

  1. It’s interesting how, down here (i.e. Michigan and the US of A) a hoodie somehow represents gangsterism and being, well, a hood. Out on the wetcoast of BC it’s just a practical and really popular piece of clothing. Ubiquitous on Vancouver Island, for example. Then again, Vancouver Island might just be the whitest place on earth…

  2. a) Can’t do Vangroover either.
    b) Wearing a hoodie in my town is also likely to attract interest from cops.
    c) My butt is far too cute to risk incarceration.

    Good luck, my heart is with you (after UPS delivers, please affix mask) !

  3. ^^^ Ya eh. Who was the guy with the dreads? That guy was serious. He spoke some wise words and I assume he is an artist/rapper? I would like to know if he has any tracks up on utube or elsewhere

  4. I don’t know but will find out. Once again life conspired against me and I couldn’t make it, but there were friends of mine there and I’ll find out. Was he tall? How old was he? What was his race? I know a couple of guys it could have been.

  5. his name might have been obsidian actually. i could be wrong tho he was black and had long ass dreads past his ass . hes a real chief

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