TGIF motherfuckers

TGIF motherfuckers

You know those times when it’s the last day of a long week and you stay up all night to get your work done for the editor who told you to have it done and then he isn’t even at work today and you’re still awake from yesterday but it’s fine, really, it’s fine.

Because you have this music to keep you going.

Gwen Stefani, Queen, Beastie Boys, New Kids on the Block, Joan Jett, Run DMC, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Offspring.
Of course.


Suave, sophisticated, surgically preserved Gloria Trevi

Young, crazy Gloria Trevi, headbutting the camera, knocking the set over, and humping her way across the floor with a hand in her “pocket”.

Christina Aguilera, who may be an obnoxious person but who can sing like an angel, specifically Michael, because Michael fucking kicks ass.

P!nk, of course. God, I’ve got to get back into boxing.

House of Pain, the Beatles, Joan Jett, Cypress Hill, Rage Against the Machine

Soul Side In covering Pat Benatar. The video is tawdry, the cover is awesome.

If this playlist doesn’t get or keep you going, I’m afraid there’s some bad news: you’re clinically dead.

5 thoughts on “Friday WORK THROUGH THE PAIN Playlist

  1. Good choice of music. I really love Christina Aguilera, “Bound to You”. You might check it out sometime when you are wanting a slow song. Not on a Friday mind you! lol

    What is the Fark Me button?

  2. That is to share it to Fark, formerly the internet’s greatest place for randomness. They are also the world’s best headline writers, and funniest. They did one story about a shark attack and the headline was:


    I’ll check out that song. Aguilera is someone I personally dislike, but nobody can deny that voice is a great gift.

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