GPOY: Rage Faces Edition



Sure is Monday, ain’t it?

Takes a fair bit to put me off my writing stride when I’ve got so much good material, but today had ALL of it, in bucketloads. Still, I can gloat about my TrapWire article being as far as I can tell the first in North America outside of @UpdateBen’s brilliant Storify, which you should definitely read. I got 24 Reddits. Hooboy, am I ever flattered! However, thanks to huge pickup by Anonymous (thanks, guys!) it got 428 tweets and 166 Facebook shares and likes, so Operation Global Media Domination is doing well, at least. I just wish I’d written the followup instead of us just syndicating the article from That Other Site. Still, if I can find something to FOI (and surely there must be something) I can go for it. The question is, will the bosses pay for my time rooting through the emails?

Then I hung around online for two hours I should have been working out or at least getting my butt off these cheapo Waves chairs that are gonna make some chiropractor rich just as soon as I can afford one, only to find out Ecuador can’t make up its fucking mind. DON’T THESE PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE DEADLINES???

Julian Assange, if this comes down when I’m afk I will never forgive you.

And me all out of gin. This week can only get better, right?

9 thoughts on “GPOY: Rage Faces Edition

  1. I am writing about spring buds and you have chainsaws on your mind……. There is a message there somewhere, I think!

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  3. Put down the weapon and back away from the window. They have you surrounded, and any show of agression on your part will result in unnecessary testing of heavy machinery outside your bedroom window every morning for the forseeable future…..

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