GPOY: the morning after

GPOY and how are YOU this morning?

GPOY and how are YOU this morning?

What can I say? Between travelling to Ruralopolis again for a mini-working-vacation and writing up the Julian Assange Follies (or should that be the UK Foreign Office Follies?) for the Daily Dot, all overnight, I can’t say I’m well-rested.

Which is too bad, because apparently I have a wedding to plan. See you all on a nice, secluded beach in Ecuador soon. We’re registered at Jane’s Defence Weekly; we want matching night vision goggles. Can’t think what for…


Julian Assange knows that you know

Julian Assange knows that you know

11 thoughts on “GPOY: the morning after

  1. So that is how they got Julian out of the embassy. In a wedding dress box. Cos we all know that NO-ONE messes with a brides dress. Just stamp ‘fragile’ on the box and have it followed by a bridezilla-type, ranting about the wrong invitations on the phone, and there is not a person in the world who will want to get into that!

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  4. I was surprised to see Julian on the balcony of the embassy the other day, I thought the broadcast would be from a room ‘inside’ the embassy. Dying to see where this goes now.

  5. Me too. Some VERY interesting clues that he hasn’t been sitting in a little room for the last few weeks if you looked at him closely. Now, of course, he has to prove he’s in there or there will be an international incident and so he’s doing all kinds of interviews etc. I should just go ahead and ask him for one.

  6. I had a look around for the history of that building in the hopes of finding some sort of secret passage scandal in its history, but no luck. Damn. It used to be the I.A.A.F (athletics federation) building, I was really hoping it was the old Guild of Subterranean Bank Robbers or some such.

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