Forum Follies: I am the wind beneath your wings, baby

You Crazy, Pen by

You Crazy, Pen by

Freedom of a Thousand Doves

  1. As a human being I can’t fly like a Dove,but my unspoken,mesmerizing memories can fly around this Universe….and in this way I can fly with the support of my Wings of Memories…

  2. And specifically what is the technical issue you are having with that?

    Have you done your pre-flight checklist?

    Are your ailerons and rudders functioning correctly?

    Have you cleared your flight plans and logged them?

    Are you in contact with the tower and queued for takeoff?

    Have you flushed your cache and cookies? They can really weigh you down.

  3. This is a support forum for bloggers who have issues with their blogs. We are not allowed to promote our blogs in this support forum, so I’m afraid you will have to fly away home.

Topic Closed

Don’t worry, BoJo still believes in you!

4 thoughts on “Forum Follies: I am the wind beneath your wings, baby

  1. This is what happens when a perfectly harmless place to put stuff like that gets obliterated without the least bit of warning. Even in the Hitchhiker’s Guide they gave the earth, what? Five minutes?

  2. lol i dont think i could get threw one day with out your posts some funny some very intresting ,keep doing what you do best :)

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