Contemporary Journalism 101: The Twitter Stalk

Please hold for Hashtag John Doe

Please hold for Hashtag John Doe

You might think it’s easy being a reporter these days, what with newspapers being so high on the hog and all. Well, kid, you’d be wrong.

It’s a dirty business, being a reporter, and don’t call me a “hack” if you don’t want a shiner that you can read a pulp novel by.

We do things. Things we can’t talk about. Things normal people would not know how to understand. It’s better that we just keep these depraved little rituals to ourselves, but you know me: can’t keep a secret. That’s why I got into this business: so people would pay me not to keep things to myself.

Things like this.

Background: State Representative Dan Gordon of Rhode Island is Anonymous’s least and best favorite State Representative, alternately promoting and trolling them. And he promised me an interview. Many. Many. Many times.

So. It comes to this.

Hey, I never said it was pretty, boys and girls.

2 thoughts on “Contemporary Journalism 101: The Twitter Stalk

  1. If Mr X doesn’t want to talk to you, there’s always searching for anyone who’s talking to Mr X and weaving those conversations together. If that doesn’t work out, there’s always rearranging individual tweets like magnetic poetry.

  2. Oh, it’s not worth that. It’s not an expose, just a profile. “Here’s an Interesting Internet Person of Whom You Have Not Yet Heard.” I do a lot of those and I like doing them.

    The whole Mr. X workaround I save for people I’m fine with burning. Because you don’t get to come back from that, in this nexus.

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