Operation Global Media Domination: the Kylie Chronicles

Every now and then someone suggests to me that my life would be better if it were more normal. If I spent less time on Twitter. If I had a “real” job. If I were more of a generalist, and focused less on WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and hackers. Maybe do some fashion blogging, try out some AdSense. You know, normal stuff, stuff that is not so…badass.



How about: No?

I know you all mean well, but since when has “normal” ever been normal for me?

So there I was the other day, hanging out on Twitter and watching my timeline, which has become much bloodier than anything you’ll see on CNN lately (since I weeded out all the “social media gurus” and “marketing inspiration artistes”), and I saw something amazing and, without waiting for an editor to assign it I went ahead and Storified it, which is basically putting the tweets in order so that they form a story. Alas, as I mentioned earlier, I can’t embed it here in any form that will work, but I can link to it and to the full story I put on the website and I can tell you that there is more on this story coming Monday. And maybe more after that, if Kylie will talk to me.

And how does this heartwarming story of Anonymous and others coming to the rescue of a suicidal teen come into Operation Global Media Domination? With a hell of a bang, that’s how.

57,000 upvotes on reddit

105,606 views of the Storify

44,000 views on Jezebel

110,000 reads over the past two days

2,600 Facebook likes and shares

508 tweets

77 G+1’s

76 notes on Tumblr

covered in the Province

And even four comments.

7 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: the Kylie Chronicles

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