Greatest YouTube Comment in History

Spencer Cox would have liked this comment

Spencer Cox would have liked this comment

Or, probably, in the future as well. In all of recorded time and space, in fact. And just think, Nick Denton, if your place hadn’t become a cesspool of festering Deadspin lunkheads, you could have had this on your site.

In response to an AIDs denialist in the comments on the video of Spencer Cox from the previous post:

mabonwy 16 hours ago

Oh, honey. Spencer’s toenails were better than you. They had a higher IQ, more credibility, and a better likelihood of being remembered with fondness. Spencer is now redecorating the halls of Valhalla while the best thing you can think to do with your completely unjust continued life is to troll YouTube, forsooth, in order to eke out tiny shreds of the attention you crave but can gain no other way. Because you have nothing to offer the world. You are wholly contemptible. Go pour salt on yourself.


14 thoughts on “Greatest YouTube Comment in History

  1. Thank you a million times. What you wrote was so true… I only knew Spencer online, but he was always himself, true to a purer reality than most people could ever bear to approach. I think you said it best here:

    “Many of us who knew him when we were young have said that he changed our lives. He didn’t do it with a self-help book or a weight loss program or a religion. I don’t think he did it on purpose. He did it by being himself.”

    Exactly. Thank you.

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  4. Yes, but you have misunderstood it. I don’t make a living off, I make a living teaching WordPress online and in person, and also with ads on a site and also writing for various sites that use WordPress.

  5. so you can transfer a to if you know how to download it and work it right, and put ads onto your site…. this is all so confusing but I have been reading all your answers to other people in the forums regarding this and it has been helping me understand. I just didn’t know if i should migrate to a host like bluehost or gatorhost or just migrate my blog to

  6. That is exactly the kind of information I charge for. First of all, bluehost and gatorhost blogs ARE blogs. just supplies the software; you have to buy hosting from somewhere.

    If you intend to go into this for profit, you need to approach it like a business, with a budget and a plan, and do lots of research in advance.

  7. yes, that is what I have been doing all day actually lol, research. I have been talking to hostgator online support and bluehost and they both say they can migrate my blog directly to my new hosted site, but that seems impossible to do without me downloading the software, or else i wont be able to access my blog at its new hosted location like i was able to when it was just at

  8. Erm hello again. I appreciate how smart you truly seem to be, not that a little blogger like me very much matters. I know that if I lived in Vancouver I would definitely be taking your workshop that for sure. Despite how intimidating all your knowledge makes you seem to me, lol. I saw you read on wordpress forum before that bloggers just simply can not put ads up, but I have noticed one blogger who I just started following americandogblog, who is at was able to put what looks to be ads up, so was just confused, . I realize you charge for information on all this, and so you don’t have to answer me, I just noticed this the other day and it made me realize how retarded I truly am when it comes to wordpress. And I may be young, and not good at math, but I’m not stupid I assure you! lol. Anyways I enjoy your posts and following you! Hope you have even more success in the new year!

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