A New Day

Well, I haven’t gotten the final word but so far so good. It seems that they’re amenable to my compromise, providing I get the paperwork done, which I’d always assumed was a condition of the whole deelio.

Okay, time for a non-sequitur feel-good video:

8 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Hi rain,
    What does that mean, specifically please? I can’t think straight this morning. I’m exhausted as I tossed and turned all night thinking about you. I just emailed something to you for your consideration.

  2. I have nothing definite, and don’t know how the vote went, but the meeting went very well. I didn’t get thrown out, and it does look like I probably have till March 1.

  3. Hi! Just heard of your predicament from Cathy’s link. Really sorry to hear UGM never showed up. I’ve personally contacted the Wildlife Thrift Store in the past when I’ve had to move. They show up in a truck, the driver was 100% helpful in helping you move things, and they pretty much took everything I had to give. Hope that helps! http://wildlifethriftstore.com/

  4. Phew…I thought about this throughout the day too. These are tough times for so many of us. At least you have a bit of time on your side.

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