Facebook Fridays

You’d think joining a group of actual hackers would filter out the random Friday night drunks, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong. Behold.

On the wall of the group 2600, a wild post appears, something garbled about give-backs and mentoring. JHC here appears to be importuning Adrian Lamo for mentorship, whereupon I make a crack that the one time I asked him for advice he suggested I visit the library. Whereupon things got weird. Whereupon Joseph Hostile Crank took it to private messages, as he has doubtless done with countless other completely uninterested women before me.

  • Conversation started today
  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    do you have knowledge? I don’t care whom did what to whom. I want to know how to get where you are at.

  • Lorraine Murphy

    I’m a journalist, not a hacker. Ask Adrian.

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    then why put up the front. can you mentor?

    or did you put up that front because your ego gets smaller everytime he makes a post?

    you are a journalist. knowledge should be free.

  • Lorraine Murphy

    I didn’t put up any front. You got hostile on me out of nowhere, so I trolled you.

    Journalists get paid by the word.

    I think you should go offline till you sober up.

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    i think you should respect the nex gen.

    we will break the stories you will be frothing at the mouth for.

    you arent leet. so lets save the insults. after all, you are mingling with known pentesters and insulting the ones that are known the most. what is your MO?

  • Lorraine Murphy

    At this point my MO is to pry the creepy drunk off my leg. Go bother Adrian.

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    all foreplay aside, what do you know that i dont?

  • Lorraine Murphy

    Why would I tell you, asshole?

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    because you but the hack in hacker until you make yourself useful, bitch.


  • Lorraine Murphy

    Get off the internet till you’re sober or I’ll tell Adrian on you.

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    your a fed. let me start that rumor

  • Lorraine Murphy

    He doesn’t like it when people make 2600 look stupid.

    Go for it. DO IT.

    You’re not going to be able to start it though. You’re about ten years too late.\

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    omg, you work for the feds

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    you really do

  • Lorraine Murphy

    Yes, and what I’m going to do now will show you proof.

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    usted tiene ojos bonitos

    fed peers deep

    i love you, lets make out

    muah go fuck yourself

l33t, dude.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (there always is)

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst

    what is this?

    click an unknow link? offer me pics of bewbs, I might consider, however, i am an ass man

    are you capable of teaching someone? fuck it. teach me journalism.

    with all seriousness. i just need you to share a file with me.. .aw fuck it. you shared a link. you are fu cking with a hacker

    you know that? or am i drunk?

    haha. report on this: metepreter

    kiss kiss. tell me your IQ is above 130 because i need a mentor in something

    I love you

    lets make out

    before i set you lose in metasploit

    Jeffrey H. Chryst

    so does this mean you dont want to make out

    come on. show me your lips

    maybe i can teach you something

    you arent very good at being trolled, obviously, who is the bigger fool?

    • Jeffrey H. Chryst

      come baby. kiss me

    • Jeffrey H. Chryst

      i dont care what y ou look like, check me out!

    • Jeffrey H. Chryst

      bingo. facebook hates you

      you should know that. should i go public with y our shitz? we are journalists, after all

      i love you, lets make out

      have you heard of autopwn?

      i love you

And that was garnished by a post in the forum to whit:

  • Jeffrey H. Chryst just a haunch, but the chick with eye doesn’t belong here. they claim to be a journalist but scoff at everyone, and then retreats by saying ” I am a journalist”

16 thoughts on “Facebook Fridays

  1. hey Lorraine, i want to apologize for saying stuff way back http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/contact-form-15?replies=13#post-365501
    i thought you were some kid, the likes of whom hang at forums on web.
    i didn’t know much about you, but as i was going through my archives today i found that old thread again,(sorry for all that) visited your site here, say your name, reverse searched, found wordpress.com’s featured post featuring you.
    i didn’t know you are a woman, let alone elderly, i pictured you as a teenaged kid.
    didn’t know about panaghiotisadam too, http://panadam.wordpress.com/about/

    couldn’t find a official contact form, so wrote it as a comment instead.
    thank you!

  2. I’m relatively sure the two jpgs he shared were infected, but thanks to a) FB sanitization and b) Ubuntu neither of them bothered me in the slightest. L337

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