For this, O Lord, I am truly grateful

Yes, it’s a new flamewar on Facebook, this time over the question of whether the existence of a theistic god is central to Christianity or not! It happened on the wall of a friend who had nothing to do with subsequent events, so I’ll leave him out of this. The initial post was about an atheist’s ability to have a civilized conversation with an open-minded Christian minister. And my initial question wasn’t snarky, just curious.


11 thoughts on “For this, O Lord, I am truly grateful

  1. She claims to possess a higher degree in religion. That seems highly unlikely. I like the American comment…You should make round two a disputation on the exegesis of Canadian Thanksgiving.

    Hope you have a happy one, BTW…

  2. What an insult to call you an American – given the Tea Bagger cry babies in charge down here now – I have no idea what you were arguing about – but that told me that she had lost all credibility at that point

    So does this prove or disapprove the theory that we really have an advanced civilization?

  3. Well, it proves that things have really gone to hell on Mount OIympus recently.

    I’m just evil enough to have seen that remark and felt great joy; for her to reach so far, swing so blindly, and say something so offensive on the wall of an American, well, it was basically her handing me the victory. She knew it too; look what happened to her punctuation after that.

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  5. If this is any help…

    There are lots of enlightened folks who just can’t let go of the perks of having a church or “church” (tax breaks, a public meeting place, etc.). Witness how something as avaricious as Scientology can take advantage of being a “church”. In many countries, an official state church gets lotsa subsidies from the state. Then there’s the social standing of being clergy.

    But then the intellectual embarrassment of ancient theology to justify one’s existence gets in the way sometimes. Many smart people have figured ways around this, simply calling “God” the unknown good thing. Never tried to understand the fine points of it myself, but it’s out there.

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