Operation Global Media Domination: The Anon Situation


After only, I don’t know, six years? covering Anonymous, either here or at various journalism platforms, I finally get an acknowledgement from the #1 Anonymous scholar that I’m alive. On a day when I’m not sure it’s more than technically true.

Well, 600 social shares also go a long way to revivifying me. Phibes has his Vulnavia; I have retweets.

5 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The Anon Situation

  1. Jocks always get a free ride, been that way since I was a kid – once in a while someone stands up to the jocks – but just look at the Pro jock straps today – spoiled brats – I hope justice wins even this small one – and rape is just another she ask for it thing – which is too bad for society

  2. I can’t believe SHE got suspended from the Cheerleading team, and they didn’t get suspended from the football team. Nobody disputes that he handed her two colourless, ordourless drinks. It may have just been booze, but it may well have been Roofies too. That’s how I got roofied.

  3. I can’t believe SHE got suspended from the Cheerleading team

    Just watch the way victims of pro Jocks are treated –

    Sad to say I can believe it, seen it happen in different ways to protect the jocks or local stores that support the jocks – knew two people that almost got suspended from High School for asking for some film at the advertised price – store mgr was a jock supporter and I think her son was some sort of jock – the two people were brought into the Principles office and almost thrown out of school –

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