IT Army of Ukraine update for May 29

Over on The Cryptosphere I’m posting the daily updates from the IT Army of Ukraine. This is probably the largest hacktivist action in the history of the world, and law enforcement by and large seems to be giving it the green light. Veddy interesting.

The Cryptosphere

We’re back in action after a week offline thanks to extreme weather in Ottawa. Until the next tornado, derecho, ice storm, or what-have-you, we’ll be back and updating target lists issued by the IT Army of Ukraine daily. As always, OPSEC is everything, although law enforcement agencies around the world seem to be giving out hall passes as long as your targets are exclusively Russian (with maybe a sprinkle of Belarussian targets just to shake it up a bit). But it’s best not to rely on the continuing goodwill of law enforcement agencies, particularly in countries which have recently flirted with flat-out oligarchy or worse, so take care that your own security is airtight before engaging in DDoS or any other kind of attack. Tor, then VPN.


Let’s just do this, shall we? All text below exclusive of headings is direct and verbatim from the IT Army of…

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