George Sodini’s blog: the plan

George Sodini, the LA Fitness shooter

Yes, George Sodini, the LA Fitness Shooter. I’m going to preface this with a great big I THINK THIS IS FAKE. This is my first impression, on reading it and looking at it (one awfully plain HTML site, with not a whole lotta content NOT related to the plan to kill people at a Pittsburgh gym). The only content on that site not related to the plan looks like a thin attempt to “backdate” it and make it look like this was a long time coming. I say either he didn’t do this site and some quick-thinking opportunist who wanted to perpetrate a fraud took his best shot, OR he did do it in order to set up some kind of pity defense. Not only does the emptiness of the majority of the site ring hollow, but there is nothing personally identifying there which hasn’t already been exposed elsewhere. I’m not seeing any actual images of his personal possessions, environment, etc. All the photos but the one of him are nondescript LA shots that could have been taken by/from anyone/where.

That said, here for the record, is the plan page of the site, copied (with permission!!! Look at the footer) from the site. I forget how to look up who registered a URL and when, but I’ll check that out as soon as it comes to me.

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