while my ukelele gently weeps

I know, it’s not an original title, but after watching this a couple of times I can’t really think straight; I can only sit smiling blankly, Buddha-like, into the face of the full moon. Watch and listen as Hawai’ian Jake Shimabukuro takes the ukelele to places in the human heart and the heart of the universe that we never knew it could go.

When will that stupid network stop taking these videos down and let us tell people how good their stuff is?

Jake on Myspace

Jake on NPR

Shimabukuro named his latest CD Gently Weeps because of his affection for George Harrison. The late musician, whose primary instrument was guitar, also played ukulele and would take one along wherever he went.

“I really believe he got a lot of his ideas from the ukulele because they work so well with the instrument — songs like Something,” Shimabukuro says.

And here’s Jake performing one of my favorite Beatles songs, In My Life. Can’t disagree with the list of reasons he makes the Babewatch radar, either.

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