The Most Astonishingly Accurate Internet Quiz in All of Time and Space

We at the ol’ raincoaster blog have long been known as vigorous advocates of the dispassionate scientific method. So naturally, we cast a deeply skeptical eye over those so-called accurate quizzes that populate the back pages of women’s magazines and the lesser blogosphere. We are not pushovers; we are not fools.

We are, however, apparently Lucy.

You Are Lucy

You are smart as a whip… maybe a little too smart for your own good! Other people tend to annoy you.

You tell it like it is, and you’re not about to spare anyone’s feelings. You’re very blunt.You are assertive to the point of being aggressive. You know what you want, and you’re going to make sure you get it.

Deep down, you’re trying to be helpful. You give good advice, even if people don’t want to hear it. You always shoot from the hip.

It’s quite clear this quiz, unlike most, is scientifically 100% accurate. We feel confident giving this our Scientific Seal of Approval.

Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project & Deserae the Bellydancing Wookiee

Yes, you read that right. Authentic Klingon Bellydance Music.

From their YouTube description:

Deserae dancing to an excerpt of the Shyriiwook Bellydance tune, “Muaarga” (Peace), as performed by the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago (3 August 2012).

The Klingon Music Project is a real thing, as apparently is Deserae the bellydancing Wookiee and now they are both going viral. What can I say? She’s got the nous if not the Nad’s.

TG to the IF!


So, you know what today is, right?

Today was particularly “Friday” if you know what I mean. Really, you’d think by this time I’d know that if I don’t have time to talk to editors, I should just get off the damn internet, because you can hardly just hang up on them or refuse to answer once they know you’re online. If it means you don’t sleep, that’s what it means.

And if, like me, you didn’t sleep (except during workshops at a conference you paid good money for) then you’ll need this, for energy.

A Jackson 5/Beatles mashup to bring some energy back into your life.

Quiz: what do your hands say about you?

Yes, in case you can’t tell I’m rather starved for time lately, so here’s a fun and bizarrely-accurate quiz; got it at Az‘s.

Your Hands Say That You Are Logical

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.
Idealistic and dreamy, you tend toward the impractical. You have a knack for getting yourself in sticky situations.Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life.

Your emotions tend to be nervous and potent. Your energy – both positive and negative – deeply impacts your life.

Well, what did YOU get?

What did you do today, raincoaster? Part the whatever

because I’m too tired to look it up, having been awake since Tuesday. And why? Well, part of the reason was that I started a new job at the Daily Dot (and another part of the reason was that my laptop and iPod both conked out on me at the same time). But I got one if not both of them working again and got my story filed and another two to boot, one of which is doing so well the YouTube counter is stuck, which means it’s going up faster than YouTube can count at the moment, which is yay, go me for featuring such a charming and powerful video of Occupy Vancouver.

Which I shall do again here:

It was a bit of a relief to spend so long NOT dealing with trolls, concern or otherwise. But you know what they say…

Haters Gonna Hate! Julian Assange and Me

Haters Gonna Hate! Julian Assange and Me

So, just to double-check, as there is every possibility I may be headed to LA to house-sit for a friend, come February which, I don’t care what April says, really is the cruellest month. Have I made the right choice of career (all others having rejected me out of hand, but that’s their loss HATERS GONNA HATE AMIRITE)?

Let us ask the almighty Interweb:

You Should Be a Script Writer

You are verbal, witty, and expressive. You have probably always had a way with words.

You are intellectual and brainy. You are well read, and you will read anything you can get your hands on.You have a vivid imagination. You can create a whole new world inside your mind.

You love challenges, especially when they involve learning new things. You love to step outside your comfort zone.