Some Jokes Just Never Get Old

Particularly if you can't make head or tail of them. If you get this, please comment for the benefit of those of us who only got A's on our algebra exams. I mean, I get the arc, I get the punchline, it's the syntax that sort of throws me. Like when you're travelling and your only words in the language are "restaurant" "washroom" and "police" and yet you still end up safe and sound and fed and where you meant to go in the first place. Yeah, like that.

Giving it an Allegory tag anyway, what the hell and for the sake of Operation Global Media Domination (I believe this is the only blog on WordPress with an Allegory tag; they're sure to jump on the bandwagon once Narnia goes to DVD though).

                a = b
              a^2 = ab
          a^2-b^2 = ab-b^2
       (a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b)
              a+b = b
               2b = b
                2 = 1

                x = (Pi+3)/2
               2x = Pi+3
         2x(Pi-3) = (Pi+3)(Pi-3)
          2Pix-6x = Pi^2-9
             9-6x = Pi^2-2Pix
         9-6x+x^2 = Pi^2-2Pix+x^2
          (3-x)^2 = (Pi-x)^2
              3-x = Pi-x
               Pi = 3   

               -1 = -1
             -1/1 = -1/1
             -1/1 = 1/-1
       sqrt(-1/1) = sqrt(1/-1)
              i/1 = 1/i
                i = 1/i
            i * i = 1
               -1 = 1

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