review o’ the day: web 0.96

From Gawker.

Take a hilarious trip through the Wayback Machine (I wanted one of those right up until I had a past that could catch up to me). They’ve pored over the crumbling scrolls of the Internet archives and put together a roundup of the best, and the worst, of 1996.

Suggested soundtrack: Grosse Point Blank soundtrack. Suggested accompaniments: pot, beer, and Doritos.
Suggested activity: removing all animated gifs from your website immediately. Follow up by purchasing and installing a horribly complicated graphics program that you use to redesign your site, but which will immediately date everything it touches site to within four months.

NOT suggested activity: not updating the site again until they do another of these.

Lego a go go!

There is very little I can say to rebuke this website. This is the best website I’ve ever seen. I navigated further into the world of ’96 and on every single page I was greeted by pirates waving swords, knights riding horses, and overarchingly wizards on bicycles. This page alone has three wizards on bicycles lined up in a very majestic fashion, with an additional bonus wizard on a bicycle in the upper-right corner. In 1996, while most companies were still figuring out how to properly scan their company logo so that it didn’t look like a joke, Lego had discovered the key to web design, which is that randomly strewing little Lego men around one’s website is hilarious and engaging. If you feel like you need to cleanse your palette after seeing all the other websites featured in this article, please enjoy the following line of Lego men:


From Left to Right: Wizard on Bicycle, Wizard on Bicycle,
Wizard on Bicycle, Wizard on Bicycle, Wizard on Bicycle

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