beaver shots

Beaver shot, outdoors!

deHaviland Beaver!

Leave it to the Beav


I just thought you’d like to see some beaver, is all.

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35 thoughts on “beaver shots

  1. Wow–RC drops to a new and more dubious high in traffic-wrangling. This should be almost as good as giving us your naked opinion of the Paris Hilton’s room service!

  2. Yeah, and the best thing is, images don’t show up in RSS feeds, so all those pervy techs will just have to hit the blog.

    I’m working on a play on “osprey” but can’t find anything dirty enough. Will keep you posted.

  3. Well, as a skint 26 year old geordie who was working in London a few weeks ago (in case anyone has never been on the pull in London all the local girls are obsessed with how much money you have, what car you drive, where you live, what your inheritence equates to etc) I can safely say my motto was:

    ‘Os-prey on these dimwit texan 19 year old college girls that aren’t even allowed to drink at home’.

  4. Easy pickin’s is popular everywhere.

    But if you met those girls back in Texas they’d be obsessed with how much money you have, what car you drive, where you live…
    and whether you’ve accepted Jesus as your personal saviour.

  5. Damn man… You search “Beaver shots” and click a link on Google… I was kinda looking for something else… ;o)

  6. Golly, that possibility never occurred to me!

    PS, Britney’s isn’t so fantastic. Can’t see anything, really. Try Perez Hilton’s site for evidence. Lohan shows everything!

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  11. I linked my paris hilton post to this.

    I’m not sure how much traffic it will send, those guys seem to be pretty disappointed when they click on the link and don’t really follow up on any of the alternatives I give them.

  12. We English – notorious for our love of word play – use a French expression for such things: double entendre; perhaps we are still too shy to use one of our own.

    I used to tend the local church grounds where there was a bush dedicated to Jill (still very much alive) and I used to delight in saying to the congregation after service “Righto ! I’m off to trim Jill’s bush…” and not an eyelid would be batted. I’d have to rush outside before convulsing in laughter.

    Alas Jill’s Bush is very much a distant memory to me now and I’m grateful to you for these pictures – I’ve not seen a beaver for quite a while.

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  17. Thanks! Gratuitous compliments are always gratefully accepted, whether sincere or not. Is it not well-said that insincere compliments are more flattering?

  18. Great, my kind of humour and Thanks for your help on WordPress.
    Just wondering: think Eddie Haskell is seeing much of the BEAV?

  19. Thanks for the reply.
    I was refering to the BEAV that we all seek, or are you over my head.
    Love your site, I could camp out here and learn a few things.

  20. You’re welcome to camp out. I particularly recommend the Cthulhu and Lolgoth tags, and my fine collection of YouTubes. Unfortunately, I’m taking my desk and computer apart this weekend, so whether or not there will be more updates depends entirely on the whims of the desk gods.

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