my new anthem: Bowie and Reznor: I’m afraid of Americans


11 thoughts on “my new anthem: Bowie and Reznor: I’m afraid of Americans

  1. Holy fuck (excuse the bad language and blasphemy..but I mean it). Is this reall real? of course it is..but still…this is awesome. I just can’t believe it isn’t fake…even though it can’t be.
    Fuckin shit yeah….lets bring everything together in one grand mash up and find some way to make it work.

  2. Isn’t this awesome? I mean, I can see why it didn’t get huge radio play, but wow! Bowie is a god, Reznor is, if not a god, a high priest (and he looks dead hot in this, not that this is incidental).

    This song sums up quite a lot of what non-Americans think of America.

  3. btw one need never apologize for bad language here. I’ve been out in Surrey all weekend at a writer’s conference and have come to realize just how compulsively I swear: I am changing “fucking” into “darn” it’s that bad. Talk about two fucking solitudes!!!

  4. Trent Hot, David Hot, all that jazz.
    I just love Trent doing that bit in the cartoons when no matter how far you run Droopy will always appear right in front of you…calmly waiting for you. Always predictable…always funny

  5. Bowie is so perfect I’d almost like to hate him, if he weren’t so perfect you just can’t. Have you seen his bit in Extras? Brilliant. It’s on YouTube somewhere.

  6. Ah yes…I seem to remember the day after it was on telly waking up at the significant’s house and spending the whole morning singing about everything I was doing in my best Bowie voice ‘Waking up this morning/ Falling of the be-ed/hurt my ass and hungry/wish that I was de-ad’ for about THREE WHOLE hours. (Apparently I do a surprisingly good impression…I disbelieve). What a guy. (Him…not me)

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