the anthem for my novel

Trent Reznor, hottieAnd yes, it is Nine Inch Nails; the song is called Not So Pretty Now, and it’s about celebrities on the long slide downhill. Apparently they rarely perform this song, and it’s not on any CDs they’ve put out, which in a way makes it perfect; esoteric is my middle name, and obscure is the right counterpoint to the book.

It’s also, upon close listening, Trent Reznor‘s autobiography to a certain point, which makes it all the braver of him to keep playing it. The beefy Marine look is, indeed, not as pretty as the skinny, shaggy emo boy look (and was, I had thought, trademarked by Henry Fucking Rollins anyway) but then the middle-aged hobbit look I’m rocking at the mo isn’t quite as marketable as the teenaged Jodie Foster I used to be, so I should talk.

Rosie Cotton needs a workout as bad as I do!

But the lesbians still offer to buy me drinks.

Did anybody else see Bugsy Malone?

27 thoughts on “the anthem for my novel

  1. No, no. She hopes she looks like that hobbit…’cause despite all of the hoopla over scruffy, aged, Aragorn, deep down inside she loves Sam.

  2. Wow, you really do like trent, huh?

    btw, that hobbit look is cute.

    ~Lori’s really gonna hate me, the blonde shows thru in replies and posts at times~

  3. I really do like him. And I like this song, too. I’ve always liked men who are really passionate about what they do and really good at it, provided what they do has some kind of social conscience. Making art qualifies. Playing World of Warcraft does not. Blogging only qualifies if it’s something like Eteraz. BTW, did you know he’s in the running for best English-language blog? It’s over at the Best of Blog awards, so vote!

  4. I can’t play this song – the new bird will start screaming and I have a migraine comming on, I can feel it – but I will listen tommorow. I love NIN, I actually have been listening to them since 1990 when no one else even knew who they were. I had to replace the first CD several times – it kept getting swiped.

    Yes, I know about Eteraz – I voted allready :) Don’t know him that well, but I’m so excited for him.

  5. I think there’s a form on the site. The deadline’s passed for this year, but if you vote you get on the mailing list for next year.

    I hope he gets it: that Muslim comic book was a great idea, if a bit painful to read, but overall it’s an incredible eye-opener, and brilliantly written, researched, and thought out. Also, he’s a big flirt if you catch him in a good mood.

    Just went out and bought Pretty Hate Machine.

  6. samaha — worry not. Raincoaster is as blond as they come…just not quite hobbit-cute. Cute, though. (Don’t tell her I said that!)

  7. Oh Raincoaster’s got a terrific …

    Sense of humour?

    Well …


    No, wait–what’s that thing–y’know, that thing that grows off your toes—A bunion?

    Y’know, this just isn’t sounding as positive as I wanted it to somehow. I’m sorry ;-(

  8. lol, you guys crack me up.

    raincoaster – I just listened to the song and I’ve heard it before, probably on the radio. I like it.

    Hey – if he’s single – you should go for it. Just think, you’d have a bo and a guaranteed nomination for next year. Unless he’s one of those selfish guys that only thinks about their own needs, but he doesn’t come accross that way.

  9. I think you are just going to have to tell me about why your mom would be in Saudi in the first place – and, please don’t make me read that goat story again if it’s in there :-) .

  10. Re. #13: You see? I try to be nice and what does it get me? It’s remarks like that that make me complete sentences such as “Raincoaster has a winning …” with the words “pumpkin” or “squid”.

    How sad your mother didn’t get the price she was looking for; and what a great shame eBay wasn’t around way back then …

  11. samaha, I’m saving it for blog fodder. Be patient.

    Metro, my pumpkins are outstanding, and as for my “seafood” I’ve certainly had no complaints. How is your gherkin?

    Actually, my mother got her price. She just stiffed him. Runs in the family.

  12. Not so much pumpkins as Pippins, so I understand (which’d at least take us back to the Hobbit business)–or possibly Cox’? (Which wouldn’t)

    And darling, I wasn’t about to so much as mention your “seafood”. I thought those had cleared up?

    Really, a cheap gherkin reference is the best you can do, despite the easy availability of something about sea cucumbers? Or jellyfish, should you wish to try and be insulting.

    I don’t know. You try and be charitable and whadda ya get?

    Oi’m t’ony bloke wot keepsa tone o’ this place up, me.

  13. Don’t tell me you are a D cup too!

    Man, some of us have to dye our hair and get a fake set just to achieve perfection.

    I suppose…your Canadian status makes you feel perfect!

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