Operation Global Media Domination: do me a favour, wouldja?

TIASeriously, I need the help.

Ever since WordPress switched my URL from raincoaster.wordpress.com to raincoaster.com my hits have walked right off a cliff and straight down a deep well (momentary buoyance provided by Brian Atene and Even Stevphens notwithstanding). I don’t know why this is: have I suddenly become dull? Have I stopped posting? Hell to the no!

So I’m going to assume it has something to do with the links. When in doubt, blame the technology.

If those of you who’ve put me in your blogroll could switch it over to raincoaster.com instead, you’d be doing me a favour. And in the future, please use the current raincoaster.com URLs. No sense racing a dead horse, even if it outranks the live one.

While I do get a modest thrill of learning that I’ve gone up 900,000 places on Technorati since the start of this changeover, I still have another 100,000 places to go to regain my ground, and that means another 75 links, minimum. Sigh.

Back to looking for more damn Narnia porn.

11 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: do me a favour, wouldja?

  1. I was wondering what the hell happened to you – I couldn’t get into your site today and another time.

    Maybe this is the same problem that I am having with Muslim Apple.

    Okay. I will start a Raincoaster campaign with a post.

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  3. Oh no! The site’s not working properly? That is incredibly annoying. Thanks for telling me.

    And thank you so much for the Campaign. I really appreciate it; I only really meant for people who’ve already linked to me to update, so that the links will get counted for raincoaster.com. I’m sure in the grand sphere of life this is meaningless, but it’s my hobby and I like being a stat pimp!

  4. No, it’s okay. I think I couldn’t get in because my link to you was bad. I can get to your site now.

    I do have a problem getting into one of your posts from my stat page though.

    No problem with the campaign – you did notice that I fully intend on riding your coat tails with that campaign. I guess this makes me a stat houri.

  5. oh yeah, one thing I’ve noticed is that since the update on friday with the new stats feature I dropped about 40% in numbers.

    Might be time to switch to using SiteMeter for stats.

  6. Ah! See, I knew there was a reason I liked you: you’re smart! My stats have dropped by the same percentage, which is why I’m whining here. I might just do that, thank you for the tip.

    I saw you got a response from Technorati: even that useless response is more than they bothered to give me. My ranking on raincoaster.wordpress.com has been stuck for a week, while the raincoaster.com is up, but maybe that’s because I’m not big enough to fuck over?

    Seriously, is my expectation that Technorati could do this THAT out of line? Alexa will handle it, so will many other sites. They’re just laurel-resting.

  7. I’m so not impressed with them. What they’re trying to do is hard as they have an active audience who are trying to cheat their system… but they really need more tech support. 55 million blogs and 1 person to answer support.

  8. That’s really quite pathetic. Are they underfunded or something? I just cannot see that; the first decent alternative that comes along and POOF! They’re out of there.

  9. You don’t think…and this just occurred to me in the middle of the night as I’m trying to get to sleep, high on cold medicine…

    You don’t think that the new stat display thingy somehow causes the posts on which it’s active to DROP OUT OF THE TOTAL, do you? Because that would just about account for my drop. What do you think, am I being paranoid or something?

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