a cookie even Cookie Monster couldn’t love

a cookie even Cookie couldn't loveYou think I’m kidding? First off, it’s Japanese, which is the 21st Century’s version of Dali-esque. The entire nation seems populated by navy suit-clad, sex toy obssessed, seafood-fetishizing lunatics. Seriously, if there are sane Japanese people out there, I ain’t heard about it.

Secondly, they are made from giant, invading jellyfish.

Thirdly, they taste like it.

From Pink Tentacle:

yummylicious!As part of an ongoing battle against invading swarms of giant jellyfish in local waters, some residents of Fukui prefecture have developed a method for converting the jellyfish into powder, which is used to make souvenir cookies. The jellyfish treats, called “Ekura-chan saku-saku cookies,” are now on sale at JR Fukui station at a price of 580 yen for a box of 10…

The result is a cookie with a superbly textured sweetness nicely complemented by the bitter, salty flavor of jellyfish.

Simply charming. Not even in the name of research will I go near these godforsaken morsels of hellfire, not least because I know what they’re made from.

Mmmm, doesn't that look good?

18 thoughts on “a cookie even Cookie Monster couldn’t love

  1. I’ve been told that cookies with jelly in them are good, but jellyfish? Sick…
    I’m looking at the pictures of the boxes and imgaining kids telling their parents they want to buy the jellyfish cookies, I wonder what the parents would say. I wonder how they advertise them too. “Made from authentic jellyfish,” “Dolphin-safe jellyfish treats”…

  2. Oh god, I totally remember that eating a bowl of noodles video. I must now find and post it! Much weirdness. I love Japanprobe, and am proud to have been one of the first people to blogroll him. That is just one crazy, whacked out culture. Did you know they have vibrators specifically marketed as being so small you can use them on a crowded commuter train?

    You saw my post about the Japanese poodle fitness video? They gots some good drugs in Japan!

  3. That bowl of noodles video is the best commercial ever.

    As is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ9AUWRhwdU (needs sound)

    Did you know they have vibrators specifically marketed as being so small you can use them on a crowded commuter train?

    Hey, there’s a word to describe the sexual fetish of touching people on crowded commuter trains… it doesn’t surprise me.

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