operation global media domination: didja miss me?

Apparently, not in the slightest. As long as you’ve got beaver shots to keep you company, you’re happy as clams (or oysters; pick a metaphor). I haven’t posted anything meaningful in more than two days, and I’m still getting 100+ hits per hour.

Welcome pervs.

I can guarantee you that this using-raincoaster-to-get-to-Britney‘s-snail-trail isn’t going to be putting raincoaster in a good mood, and when she finally does post (there, now you’ve done it! She’s referring to herself in the third person! Happy now?) she’s going to be cranky as a sack of drunken wolverines. You may wish to update your virus, Cruciatus Curse, and broadsword protections now…

10 thoughts on “operation global media domination: didja miss me?

  1. That’s the third time I’ve heard this joke today. I’m not coasting, I’m working. Ain’cha never seed that afore?

    You’ll get your posts soon enough. Meantime, why not take the quiz and see how much you want the terrorists to win. Or check YouTube for Boris clips. Very amusing stuff.

  2. Hey, I minded..I got pretty damn pissed off…I only didn’t say anything because I thought that you might have been dead and therefore thought it would be a tad insensitive to call you a lazy bitch.
    Glad your back you terrorist loving beaver pimping Canuckistani worker type.

  3. A fair proportion of those hits would be coming from my blog about Australian Beaver. I included a link with the label “Raincoaster’s beaver” – – –

    I’ll collect my share of the profits later.

  4. I think Bratneys bits are coming a bad second to raincoasters Beaver. Yes priceless could be ..could be .. or worthless could also be .I`m assuming its dead and stuffed .

    This is a single entendre really isn`t it .,Honestly Coasty some people just take the obvious make it more so and hope for a second hand laugh. Shabby shabby shabby

  5. Raincoaster — glad to hear you’re working..doing what?

    I was wondering, now that you’re flush, with 100+ hits an hour, if you could pass some of that my way, since they are MY beaver shots.

    ah well…

  6. “using-raincoaster-to-get-to-Britney’s-snail-trail ” – Eew! Lorraine!!

    Anyway my beavers been stuffed and hasn’t taken the bait for years so I’m assuming it’s dead. Yup! I have a dead beaver. It’s official. But having been stuffed already it’s furry and doesn’t smell, just sit’s there and sort of… grins.

  7. I think it was Margaret Cho who said she was resorting to the Burmese Tiger Trap method: she covered hers with leaves and hoped someone fell in.
    And Lori, I offered you the chance to claim those beaver shots, and you passed. NOW you want to jump on the beaver bandwagon?

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