quiz: which dead rock star are you?

Here, now do the quiz and stop pestering me to post. I gots loads of work to do!

Which Dead Rock Star Are You?


You’re Jim Morrison, controversial Doors frontman.
Take this quiz!



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16 thoughts on “quiz: which dead rock star are you?

  1. John Lennon

    And I wasn’t “pestering” you. More like “basking in the glorious silence”. But kinda wondering if you hadn’t been kidnapped or something interesting like that.

    Then I thought: Yeah, like she’d let that go by without pimping it for hits!

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  3. Don’t even like the Doors?

    So you’d throw over a slighlty doughy, oversexed, drug-addled poet for a slightly doughy, alcoholic, whiskey-voiced redhead?

    I suppose it could be seen as casting for type …

  4. But Jim Morrison’s poetry sucks donkeys, quite frankly. He’s Byron without the talent, and I don’t think BYRON was very talented. He’s a poetry bore, and Morrison is the same, in technicolour.

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more honey, and I got jimbo too!

    What about the greatest living rockstar that lives just down the road from me whom I battle over sales assistants with in the local mall? I mean, of course…..

  6. OK, John Lennon…I can see it. I always preferred him to JM anyways. After all….he was the walrus and a darn site more talented than the rest of the Beatles.

  7. I have been reading for a while now but never had the guts to post anything as I am just too shy……..

    George was an average guitar player but a lousy lyricist. For most modern music, the heart either goes into the words or, in the case of instumentals, the feeling one gets from the passion of the performance. Have I said too much?

  8. I’m not so sure I agree about George being a lousy lyricist. I mean, look at some of Paul’s stuff; you could slap a label on it and use it to sell Liverpool My Little Ponies, it’s so selfconscious and saccharine. George was responsible for bringing them influences and alternative viewpoints that really were important in the history of popular music. He was no Lennon, but he was at least a Nilsson, don’t you think?

  9. You have no argument from me there. Back in my musically young days I though Paul was awesome. That was until I started to LISTEN to music rather than just hearing it. Mostly fluff.

    Perhaps lousy was a poor choice of words for George. I put him in the same category as Lenny Kravitz lyrically. Neither are strong, they are/were competent, but not brilliant. I listen to both of them. Nilsson, I have always liked for his ability to experiment with weirdness…..

    I will give credit where it is due. George brought a great deal of international flavour into the mix and for that, I am musically grateful.

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