a mistletoe moment

From my homeboys, TBWA\Vancouver

whose sense of humour is so much like mine that I should probably be hitting them up for some copywriting work, rather than just helping their seasonal video go viral like this.

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14 thoughts on “a mistletoe moment

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  2. Yes very funny …..where more stuff ,where more stuff ,where more stuff..(….I don`t need it i just want some ) more stuff ,more stuff.

    Get up and get working god you are getting so lazy !!!

  3. Slippery slope R , Were you busy hogtying some bewildered ingenue and feasting through a hellish 24 hours of pleasure and damnation……….

    ………………………………..or did you go shopping?

    Hi gimp , chin up.They don`t live long !

  4. I’m house-sitting and yesterday I watched the Santa Claus Parade, met up with two friends, ran to my apartment to get some stuff, and participated in a beer tasting. What did you do yesterday?

  5. Me? Ahh, well I made sure to drink yesterday. In fact, it was heavy drinking. More drinky dranky drinking than anything. And guess what? It worked. I succeeded in drunkedness… and as a result, I feel like a real champ today. Knowing that I can drink (and will drink) in such excess has made me really excited about future weekends and drinking exploits. That and I’m pretty much a waste of innnnnnnnernet space these days. Coastin!

  6. Well it’s good to know you have a talent. But if it were me, I’d be feeling like crap today rather than like a champ. Congratulate yourself on your hangover resistance.

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