quiz: how deadly of a sinner are you?

This has got to be broken. No way is this me, and I’m all in a prideful wrath about it, yew betcha. Just look at me wrathing! Wrath, wrath, wrath! Boy, I don’t think I’ve ever been this wrathy, I’m telling you! And I intend to do something about it, too, just as soon as I get motivated. Any day now. Why should they have all the glory of writing a test when it doesn’t even give me accurate results, eh? I should tell all their readers, and give them the link to MY blog!

Greed: Very Low


Gluttony: Low


Wrath: Medium


Sloth: Very Low


Envy: Medium


Lust: Medium


Pride: Medium


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11 thoughts on “quiz: how deadly of a sinner are you?

  1. Impressive, but I’m as slothy as they come and it rated me really low; are you sure you’re actually still alive, if you rated higher on that than me? Check your pulse.

  2. No, don’t be silly. It’s just a quiz for fun, and obviously a flawed one at that. You shoulda been here when I posted “Which Cthulhu Mythos Elder God Are You?”

    At least THAT one was realistic!

  3. What’s with you RC? I thought you were the genuwhine article, but I’m eviler than you, more of a security threat … and now it turns out that not only have you embraced “pinning” “kitties” but you haven’t even comitted enough deadly sins to rate!

    Greed: High
    Gluttony: Medium
    Wrath: Very High
    Sloth: Medium
    Envy: High
    Lust: Very High
    Pride: High

    I have to admit I don’t know why the “Wrath” is so high. I’m pretty easygoing, no?

  4. Greed high? Envy high? Wow, relatively speaking you’re much more of a failure than me! Wahoo!

    We used to play that game at Starbucks: I Am A Greater Failure Than You Relative To My Friends. Since I know the pretender to a throne, an opera singer who toured the far East in Aida, several best-selling authors, and somebody who worked on the Human Genome Project, as well as a guy who teaches at MIT, I always won. But you beat me. Happy New Year!

  5. Well certainly you would take the crown relative to your friends. My friends, as you continue to illustrate, are not so accomplished.

  6. hi my name is chantel and im 14 years old these are the 7 deadly sin i broke we are’nt all perfect k i will be tellin the truth to get it of my back
    envy:high{only when i see some1 very bueatiful}
    lust:very very high{when i see 1 very hot}
    pride:very high{cauze i think im sooooo pretty}


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