raincoaster feed is the most nourishing

My feed...best in the west

It has become apparent to me over the past few days, for obvious reasons that will be clarified by a momentary glance at the Feed Reader Subscriptions graph above, that the ol’ raincoaster blog has lately gained popularity with those of the geeky persuasion. To them we say
Welcome, and pass the calamari!

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9 thoughts on “raincoaster feed is the most nourishing

  1. Strangely, my chart has almost exactly the same shape. From a much lower base. Starting from 2, 4, 6 – it jumped, on the 19th to 30, 40, 45. I suspect Matt has been fiddling with something. btw, how do you grab the chart from the screen? Photography?

    The calamari is in Auckland.

  2. Thank you. I am heartened to know that, no matter where in the world my readers are, they send me their calamari first. I shall get to it, trust me.

    I use “Print to PDF writer” which quite frankly takes FOR FUCKING EVER and crashes my computer.

    Matt says that indeed he has been tinkering, and all our readers who’ve been using Google Reader are now on our Feed Page instead of our regular Hit Page.

  3. Going back to your comment (2), rc, does this mean that the readers who use feeds are not included in the hits? So we should be adding them together?
    I also could not resist reporting the colossal squid – with pics! Now I have beavered again!

  4. Been illin’ lately, but I’m back and on this squid. I am heartened to have received outraged comments from every continent but Antarctica on this matter, and wish to reassure my readers that I am back on the squidblogging beat as of now.

    And yes, I believe that feed readers only count as a normal hit if they come to our site in addition to reading the feed.

    Archie, you will never out-google me for beaver. Never!

  5. I feared it was something nasty, work or bird flu or summat similar. Hope things are improving now. Thanks for the info on feeds.
    We both have work to do with google – no sign of either of us in the top 1000.

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