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TIANo, I’m not talking about boring jerks who corner you in bars and flash their Technorati rankings; I’m talking about useful programs or sites to help you take your raw hit data and extract the meaning that’s lurking deep within. Stat charts are like lab charts; they can tell you a lot about the health of your relationship to your readers.

A salute to the highly organized Pete Quily for being efficient enough to write these down and post them to the Wiki while I was busy yapping.

Google Analytics

Stat Counter

Hit tail

Crazy Egg

Measure Map

103 Bees

My Blog Log

someone also mentioned   Mint

And of course, we all agreed that Alexa sucks donkey dick.

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11 thoughts on “stat tools

  1. Well, that addresses my whingeing about Der Googleblogger II’s total lack of any sort of stats.

    What can we do about the Panopticon? When you log in via Google and have to leave your blog up and running to go and, say, search for stories about a Jedi rumble, Google helpfully follows you all about the internet, and presumably continues to complie your “search history” and record of activities.

    Sure they say I’m paranoid, but that’s only ’cause they’re out to get me.

    Another question: One wonders what would happen to one’s results if one continually alternated searching for “Tinky-Winky Nude” with “prayer breakfast for Communist transvestites” for several thousand iterations.

  2. thanks Raincoaster maybe not organized, maybe impulsive, since i sent that list to a blogger i know a few weeks ago and they blogged it so it was a repost:)

    Defrost, you might want to check out this thread on the forums

    “Some people are adding Sitemeter images to their sidebars to give them more detailed feedback about their visitors. Other bloggers, as their growing needs surpass the available features, find a place to host their own WordPress blog.”

    “Hello Proverbs. I have been using StatCounter on my blog, it works just fine. I added their code for an invisible counter in a sidebar widget.”

    generally speaking the advantage of using a blog is it’s easier to use and modify and it’s relatively user proof. the down side is you can’t customize it as much as a stand alone hosted version of wordpress ie but if you go that route to customize it you need to learn a bit of php and it is definitely user breakable and potentially time consuming.

    I’d check out the source code at who posted the comment above and who has some stats apps on their blog maybe email them to find out the widget they’re using and install it and then try the javascript stuff. but it may not be supported in the forums.

  3. The Javascript stuff will be stripped out, definitely, but more and more services are offering special workarounds for now that it’s getting to be a decent size.

    Let us also take a moment to acknowledge that one of’s greatest benefits is the googlejuice they have. I’m not sure exactly where in the structure of the power resides, although the tag pages are an obvious spot, but our blogs google much better than they would if they were self-hosted. There is no other way I’d have made it to the top 20k on Technorati this fast; there is some serious googlejuice here.

    Thanks again Pete. Repost or not, it’s informative and helpful.

    Metro: it’s actually worse than that. If you have the Google toolbar and you’re looking at a private blog, google caches it. Think about that.

  4. I’ve never installed any toolbars. Why the hell do I want to drag that stuff around and run it from my machine when there are several dozen warehouses full of Google servers around?

  5. I don’t have stumble. Like you I just, in fact, actually stumble around this weirb wibe wob. The results I get are all to do with occasionally getting bored and putting terms like “random fart egg typewriter” into Google and getting stuff like this.

    Contextless, but somehow important. I think I’ll bookmark it.

  6. Okay, your WIFE has Stumble. And you never, ever share computers.

    That link looks like something I wrote back when I was a Dungeon Master. Also, I hate that when the next object you touch becomes a tattoo and crawls onto you.

  7. ‘Specially if it’s some wingnut blog post.

    And actually, one of the dividing lines of marriage goes right through the middle of the office. We share the doorway, but computers damn near never.

  8. I don’t have that proprietariness about the computer, particularly given that most of my stuff is online anyway and my compy is only a way to get to it. My computer is like shoes.

    The only exception is this particular friend of mine who comes over, asks to borrow the machine, and immediately and severely crashes it every time. So now when that certain someone sleeps over and I happen to leave the building for whatever reason, I thank my stars that Dale put a startup password on this damn thing. I always hear, “I couldn’t get your computer to start,” and I always reply, “Oh really, that’s so strange.”

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