Ann Coulter on John Edwards: that’s got to be somebody’s worst nightmare

Probably Edwards‘.

Note that the notoriously blunt freeze-dried conservative didn’t actually call Edwards a faggot. Rather, she expressed her belief that if you use the word you get sent to rehab.

At least now we know what Britney‘s abusing: the English language. I suppose that was on Fox, so I missed it.

Video over the jump, if you really need to see it. But you might want to take a gander just because the work she had done recently seems to have turned out rather better than her usual “just lipo and tan everything below the hairline” look.

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15 thoughts on “Ann Coulter on John Edwards: that’s got to be somebody’s worst nightmare

  1. I’d like to say a few things about Ann Coulter, but it turns out that you can’t use the words ‘harpy’ or ‘shrike’ without American pseudo-conservatives claiming liberal media bias, so I’m at an impasse here . . . .

  2. Annoying? Why, Ann’s really no different from Rush Limbaugh except that she’s got snappier repartee. And even that sounds slightly rehearsed.

    And there’s the fact that she’s probably about 250 pounds lighter than Rush, and that having her heels in your back would be like an attack by a fighting cock, and that she’d peck the living flesh off your bones, and that you’d want to rip out her vocal chords despite those glistening fangs in the way, and . . . . . .

  3. Makes you wish Barry Goldwater was still alive, because he’d probably deck her with a roundhouse while saying “I’d never hit a lady, which is why I’ve got no goddamned problem cold-cocking this asshole. Besides, extremism in the defense of liberty . . . .””

  4. No. Makes me hope for the curse of Robespierre and Tailgunner Joe (with whom she claims kinship): What goes around comes around.

    But yes, I’d duck tape that woman(courtesy title). I’d rather deal with a Dalek any day. The sentiments they express are similar and Daleks have the moral decency she so sorely lacks.

  5. The Marchioness

    Your Grace

    This must be M. Metro’s Evolutionary-Religious Optimism


    You do not “do deals” with Daleks & Daleks do not do moral decency

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G E

  6. I’d rather watch the hamster video 200 times in a row than watch even another second of that thing “speaking”. You know you can train a parrot or even a very talented dog to say “faggot” – I don’t see how her “trick” earned her such applause. In fact, I think the applause she got from that comment is more important than her comment itself. There are an awful lot of people in America that consider school-yard bullying to be a legitimate form of political debate. (looks like about 33%, according to the latest polls)

  7. G Eagle, they do relative to Ann Coulter. I think the point stands. Also the one about fighting cocks.

    Nowadays it seems that we haven’t got thinkers: we’ve got echoers. Our applause is saved for those who amplify and project the voices in our own heads.

  8. FFE is thinking about the higher forms of life

    ….. ahhhh ………

    Doughnuts ……. schokolade ……. espcially good for the Heart if plain


  9. Mine just says “My nose itches and I want pizza.” I don’t need George Clooney to tell me that. Although if he brought me some pizza in bed and offered to scratch my nose for me, I wouldn’t kick him to the curb.

  10. Judas Priest … if that’s the case where the hell are the Dallas Cowgirls with that massage oil?

    Or the impeachment motion?

    I’ll settle for either one, really.

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