quiz: serial killer or programming language inventor?

Bill. Gates. Under. Arrest. And not for making crappy products either 

The overlap is surprisingly small, given that the social skill set for each is identical.

Score: 8/10
Pretty good; it seems you know your JavaBeans from your fava beans,
your slashers from your Slashdotters.

Not too scruffy, considering they actually had two serial killers I hadn’t heard of in the lineup; back to CrimeLibrary for me! Need to tighten up my mad serial killer ID-ing skillz. Thanks to Timethief for the link…gee, she hangs out even weirder places than I do!

I actually frightened my father once…well, a few times, but this once was, we were sitting in his living room watching television and a commercial for some crime show came on. As pictures of each serial killer flashed onscreen, I said their names aloud, just before the announcer did. After twenty perfect hits my father turned to me and said, “I wish you wouldn’t do that.”

Serial Killer or Programming Language Inventor
Test your skillz here

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11 thoughts on “quiz: serial killer or programming language inventor?

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  2. 9/10
    You’d spot Hannibal Lector in seconds at an Open Source conference. Your liver’s safe.

    Fat lot of good it’s doing me with this damned Java calculator program output right now . . . . . . . . .

  3. Serial killer, crazy son of a bitch…
    what on earth do these fucked up people are thinking in the fukin minute they kill someone… they are disgusting man.. i dont know what 2 say.. u know.. these stuff only appears 2 happen in usa… you crazy mother fuckers haha if i caught one of them i’d obviously torture and stick a very big and thickkkk stick in their ass… for sure!!!
    i mean.. come ooooon!!! look the picture above!! they look like total losers, what the fuck!!

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