cowboy vs ninja: the victory is clear

Yep. I’ll be by to pick up my winnings from all you cowboy-favoring losers out there.

It seems, from a casual surf around YouTube, that they do these kinds of trials all the time.

And the gun always loses.

The ninjas advance to the second round, where they will face this year’s dark horse: Spartans. Place your bets with the tellers now, ladies and gentlemen.

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12 thoughts on “cowboy vs ninja: the victory is clear

  1. You idiot. Cowboys would beat ninjas, spartans and pirates if they teamed up.
    Allthough you’re right, cowboys ARE really gay.

  2. ninja can kill cowboys with there eyes closed ninja’s can turn invisible and while the dumbass cowboys not looking the ninja will snap the stupid cowboy neck and ninja win’s im getting tired of cowboy fans ninja tears cure cancer to bad they never cry, Ninja can breath underwater anytime they want, Ninja invented the internet, Ninja don’t play sports. Unless killing is a sport, Can remove a spleen in one swift motion, Go anywhere they want instantly

    Catch bullets in their teeth

    Kill themselves if they make a noise

    Can run 100 miles on their hands

    Train 20 hours/day starting from age 2
    Ninjas can divide by zero.

    ninjas dont walk the ground moves for them.

    when ninjas do pushups, they dont push themselves up, they push the world down,
    Ninjas donate alot of blood to the red cross, just not there own..
    Ninjas created the wheel. Twice.
    A ninja once received a Hollywood star, he made the handprint when the cement was dry.

    Ninjas are circumcised. They perform it themselves.

    In an average living room there are 1,242 objects ninjas could use to kill you, including the room itself.

    Live in your house secretly for days

  3. cowboys kick ninja ass any day of the week cowboys can
    slow down and even stop time
    cowboys invented death
    they never miss
    even their spit has a targeting system
    they don’t need to sneak around becaue by the time they walk in a room everyone is already dead
    cowboys can inhale and exhale at the same time
    cowboys do push ups by stairing the ground down
    cowboys circumcumsize themselves with bullets
    cowboys never say where they are going nature just send horses to take them
    cowboys get girls off eye contact
    a cowboys can shoot ahead of him and kill everything behind him
    cowboys have the highest score on pac-man
    cowboys can find the square root of negative infinity
    they can shoot a gun with their testies
    cowboys can lick their elbows
    are the highest cause of death in history
    invented quadradic equations just to get their point across
    made wal-mart have everday low prices

  4. cowboys can beat the living shit out of anyone
    (not to mention they are cooler than everyone)
    that fag in your video was no cowboy
    ninjas , pirates , spartans , samurais or whatever
    cannot beat cowboys like john wayne , clint eastwood or henry fonda

    cowboys are way better than all the others

    what are you? some 5 year old little bitch
    that’s obsessed with some anime-naruto crap?

    the one with the loaded gun always wins against a sword,or fists

  5. raincoaster what are u japanese ? how does it feel to of lost every war u ever been in ? how does it feel to make crappy toys for the every one els in the world ? u dambass!!! look up quick draw reaction times 2/10 of a second if faster then u can even blink let alone draw a sword, the ninja would have 3 wholes in his head before he could ever get to his sword has for the video u cant see a bullet in mid-air a slow bullet travels at 458 fps a ninja would never be able to cut it and even if by some how he did the bullet got cut in 2 so he would have 2 wholes in his face,,, so bottom line ninja.. FAIL (cowboy WIN)

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  7. The amount of stupid in here is astounding.

    In that video, ofcourse the sword cut the bullet in half, BULLETS ARE MADE OF LEAD, an extremely soft/malleable metal, any sword could cut one in half. Now give that bullet a steel core and it would dent the shit out of that sword, probably even break it.

    Now about Cowboys vs Ninjas, are we doing textbook historical examples? Or the highly innaccurate and mythologized versions of where cowboys can shoot a bird out of the sky 100 meters away and where ninjas can defy the laws of gravity? Well, if both versions carried the same equipment (cowboys, lasso, pistol, knife) (Ninjas, sword, throwing stars, smoke bombs), then my money would be on the mythologized version of the Cowboy because not only do they have an advantage at range, but they also seem to have a sixth sense about EVERYTHING, things going to happen, things about to happen, things around them happening, and have extensive experiance in fist fighting.

    If its a historical context, well, cowboys weren’t really fighters and are almost always being mistaken for the gunslingers (gunmen) of the American Wild West, who are much closer to the popular idea of what a cowboy is. If it was a cowboy, i would put my money on the Ninja, cowboys were basicaly farmhands/ranchers, but if it was a gunslinger, probably a draw. Close combat the ninja has the advantage, medium to long range the gunslinger has the advantage.

    So basically it goes like this

    Cowboy – 1
    Ninja – 0

    Cowboy – 0
    Ninja – 1


    Misinterpreted Cowboy (gunslinger) – 1
    Ninja – 1

    Discounting the misinterpreted version, it’s a draw, counting it, the MI Cowboy would end in a draw because circumstances would be needed to be drawn and set, but overall the cowboy would still win.

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