things I was too young to notice at the time #1

Josie and the Pussycats were riding around in a giant vibrator.

No, check it out; either that is an enormous vibrator or it’s the world’s largest bottle of Pierre Cardin. Seriously, the only reason I was able to watch this show, I’m sure, is that my parents didn’t get up until nine on the weekends.

Also, is this what they had before shark-jumping? Going into outer space and getting a Twee, Useless Sidekick? So, Bush has got Matt “Dirty” Sanchez; now, what can we do about shooting him into space?

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9 thoughts on “things I was too young to notice at the time #1

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  2. My god, you are right. This reminds me of my nephew watching Ren and Stimpy. Honest to God I was horrified, there were many so many subliminal references to homosexuality….i just didn’t think my nephew should have been watching that stuff at the time [he was nine].

    But then, I was really stoned when he showed me. What do I know…

  3. There ya go. I am having a hard time thinking of the creators of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space as being self-aware, but they must have been. I mean, it couldn’t be an accident, could it?

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  5. Didn’t you ever wonder about Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels? Talk about your generation gaps–or great-great-g’g’g’great-gran-daddy fixations. I mean, three hot teenage chicks thaw out a four-foot-high man covered in matted hair and their first reaction is “Let’s take him on the road in our communal van”? Something unhealthy happening there.

    Then there was that Swiss Army club. I mean, he had a helicopter in there for cri-yi-yi. What else was he packing?

  6. Okay then . . . William S. Burroughs – in ‘Naked Lunch,’ I believe – references to a rather impressive piece of autoerotic weaponry with the name ‘Steely Dan,’ thus providing the inspiration for one of the great American musical duos of the last four decades and the cheap shot I took at Josie and the Pussycats.

    Yes, a musical group named after a large dildo and a musical group apparently inspired by a large dildo.

  7. Yeah, and howcum every damn teenager in the Sixties and Seventies had their own van? Now all they get is a MySpace page!

    And thank you, FE, for contributing to my musical education. Perhaps there’s a Steely Dan/Josie and the Pussycats mashup video out there somewhere.

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