Kevin Mitnick goes to Coventry

Date: Mar 2, 2007 11:36 AM
Subject: Your registration for membership in The WELL
To: mitnick@…

We have decided not to offer you membership in The WELL. Your payment will be refunded, and your application is denied.

The WELL staff

Yep, it is possible to act so heinously that even in the United States of Republicanism, your money’s no good. Stolen from the Wired blog. And what horrible course of action brought Mitnick to the point of being the posterboy for Internet Ostracism?

Just this. Check out the web addy. Indeed, Spring is the season for flamewars…but more on that later…or is that l8er? As for me, I’m dying to know the rest of Mitnick‘s email. Oh, no reason…

4 thoughts on “Kevin Mitnick goes to Coventry

  1. For a guy who got attention from the “Kiddies” and William Gibson for the sake of Cyberpunk and Neuromancer, it is rather unfortunate that he is now nothing, so to say.

  2. He never was anything but evil. You can bet he’ll try an attack against the Well, which will only reinforce how “last millennium” he is.

    Gibson is a guy I used to know slightly, and he’s a very smart fella and never lets himself get dated.

  3. The hacking/cracking debate is as contentious as the Trekkie/Trekker debate, and as irrelevant to those outside the bubble. Me, I’m an anarchist: those who acknowledge rules and then break them are hypocrites at the very least, and I reserve the right to sneer.

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