if Canada ruled the world

If Canada ruled the world

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13 thoughts on “if Canada ruled the world

  1. Made me laugh out loud for real raincoaster. The moose is loose in Egypt!

    I never did get to meet you at Northern Voice in February. I got shy and didn’t speak to much to anyone. Maybe next year?

    thanks for the laugh! I needed that.

  2. You know, we probably DID speak to one another, but can’t pin it down. Next year for sure, anyway, if not on the Drive before then anyway. I was sick all weekend and not at my best to say the least.

  3. So funny again. I was sick too while at the conference. I missed half the day on Friday only making it to a couple of late afternoon sessions. There were many who were sick. I got worse the following week with high fever and the works. I am so happy to see spring here. Long live cherry blossoms!

    Perhaps we did speak. hmmmm. Saturday I was still sick but took lots of meds to make it though the day. I’d love to meet up sometime on the drive. I live close to nanaimo/hastings. About a 20 minute walk to the drive.

  4. I live at Main and Hastings, so it’s easy for us to meet up. This week is hellish, but next week’s an option. Email me: you’ve got my email?

  5. We could meet half way in purgatory perhaps? I live in sunrise Hastings. You live in Pain and Wastings. Jk ;)

    Hastings and Clark perhaps? I do not have your email. Email me and then I’ll have your email or comment on my blog and I’ll have your email.

    In a couple of weeks would be great for me too. I am adding you to my reads list on my blog also. thanks for the add to your roll. Talk to you soon.

    My roommie was asked to leave this week. I’ve been scrambling. Rather a hellish week for me also. Here’s hoping to sunshine next week when we meet.


  6. Roight. Email is raincoaster at gmail dot com.

    You looking for a roomie? I may have just the live-in spa service fellow for you, quite seriously. I can’t recommend his green smoothie fasts, but otherwise he’s a dream as a roomie.

    We could also meet at that new cafe at Venables and Hastings. It’s fifteen minutes from my house, about that from yours.

  7. seriously! if you’re going to post something like this, give a girl some warning, would ya? i nearly passed my mini-chocolate egg through my nose!

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