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Paging all colonic therapists, we have an emergency.

Woman expresses indignation at quote on Starbucks cup

Printed on the cup was: “Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure.”

It is attributed to Bill Schell, a Starbucks customer from London, Ontario, and was included on the cup as part of an effort by the company to collect different viewpoints and spur discussion

Starbucks spokeswoman Sanja Gould said the collection of thoughts and opinions is a “way to promote open, respectful conversation among a wide variety of individuals. ”

But Incanno said her Starbucks days are over.

“I wouldn’t feel right going back,” she said.

Door, ass, you know how it goes. This is the kind of thing that makes me glad I don’t work at Starbucks anymore. Not that I don’t enjoy interacting with the stupid and hysterical; in fact, I adore it. It’s just that … hmmm, how shall I put this???

Once, during my days as an assistant manager, I happened to have a performance review, and the manager of the time happened to be supportive of me and not particularly supportive of the way the company had decided to look for ways to divest itself of employee #202615, and he knew as well as I did that if I didn’t score “Outstanding” on the interpersonal part of the review, regional office would turf me. So he looked me in the eye and said, “I don’t think we need to discuss this part of the review. Given the difference between what you could say and what you do say, I’m giving you ‘Outstanding,’ on interpersonal skills,” and that, as they say, was that.

See, I actually slightly know the woman who had to play “evenhanded company spokesperson” here, and she’s always been very gracious no matter what the circumstances. That crazed, outraged, apparently-constipated-on-at-least-the-spiritual-level customer had better pray to her God that she encounter only such kind and mannerly spokespeople in the future, because if she ever crosses my path I’ll be bringing out the nukes.

Then again, there’s a reason companies don’t make me their spokesperson, the fucktards.

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25 thoughts on “today in Histrionic Overreaction News…

  1. I’m afraid a Christain would not recognise an open discussion if it sat up and slapped him in the face with an undeniable fact! Most of them are so insecure that any contrary viewpoint brings about an instant protective rage and cries for total censorship.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr – now MY bloodpressure has been raised!

  2. Fuck you, godless one.

    Seriously, wasn’t it Tom Lehrer who said “There are those who do not love their fellow man and I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!”

    But it was Archie who said all Christians are closed-minded. Ponder that, O Antipodean One.

  3. Unfortunately not all people who claim to be Christians know how to react like Christ.
    And they give those of us who live the Word of Christ, a bad name.
    Those types of reactionary so called Christians cut off the opportunities offered
    by the cup to be able to reasonably discuss God and Christ.

    I don’t blame most people who are put off by those posers.
    If the woman who was put off by the quote, truly knew Christ, she would know that
    the Bible says to take no offence.

    It is a choice (you, know, that free will thing) to become angry at a question, that,
    if posed to most Christians should evoke a teaching moment.

    The real answer to the question on the cup at Starbucks is:
    we should not be talking to God only at a time of crisis.
    We should be developing a relationship with Him through daily conversation and then we would know how to react in a time of crisis rather than calling out to Him to
    solve the problem.

    This woman created her own crisis, and her reaction should not have been to cut off the conversation by never going to Starbucks again, but rather to talk to God and ask Him what her response should be. As a Christian who talks to God, I think that
    God would have said: No biggy, have a cup of coffee and calm down.

    I am confident if she had had the proper discourse with God that she would be doing exactly what I am doing at this moment: enjoying a lovely cup of Starbucks Verona french pressed coffee which is the fruit of the earth, which God gave us all to enjoy and having a discussion online about why people only call on God in a time of crisis.

  4. Actually, I think we have all forgotten that a person of religion has a right to their opinion, too. For a moment there I thought you were going to say that she was planning on SUING them. Whew! Don’t need them to raise the price of my Cafe Americano any higher…

  5. Here’s the thing. Many people are in denial about certain aspects of their life, period. She was confronted with one possibility and chose to run as many do.

  6. The Christains are going to tax me for my beliefs?

    I am suitably outraged and planning on going into hiding. In places where coffee is cheap and the churches empty.


  7. Archie, I didn’t post this to encourage anyone to express preconceptions about an entire religion: I posted it to encourage people to make fun of uptight people. They come in all religions, even atheism.

  8. And some Christians think it is their “life mission” to push their religion onto others. Did I mention that they pretend to act like door to door salesmen or Avon people?

  9. While stuck next to this man from Texas for a few hours on an airplane, he went on and on about converting me…while probably peeking at my cleavage for good measure. Anyway, he summed it up by saying: “You know why Christian’s seem to push their religion on everyone else? Because we’re in love. We’re in love with God and Jesus and it feels good and – have you ever been in love and talked about your boyfriend all the time? (GULP – YES!) Well, that’s the way it is, we’re in love and we can’t help but talk about it.”

    And then it all sorta made more sense, you know? So this chick didn’t like anyone questioning her love for her man on the back of an overpriced java cup.

  10. Isn’t it supposed to be wrong and evil for a man to fall in love with another man?

    After all, Jesus was just one of the guys, so the Bible tells us–except that his daddy could beat up everybody else’s daddy.

    I think they’d best adopt a “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” policy, no?

  11. Hey, if the man and the boy are both consenting adults, then I can’t see the problem.

    In fact, I also can’t see how it’s any of my business.

  12. rc, thank you for calling me on this one. You are quite correct. I always generalise. It is a bad habit due soley to my lazy thinking and tendency to hyperbole. (Is the guy who enthuses about the maths behind computer theory a hyperboolean?) However, there is something about the rabid christian right which brings out the worst in me (there is plenty of that).

  13. @Stiletta:
    Um, do you consider a 12-year-old a consenting adult?
    I know DC’s fulla that sort of thing, but ’tis regarded askance in the Civilized World ;-)

    I understand the temptation. After all, there is something about the Christian right that brings out the worst in them.

  14. So not, then, someone who might be described as a “consenting adult”, as in the phrase:

    “If the man and the boy are both consenting adults, then I can’t see the problem”?

    Sorry–just taking the mickey, can’t resist.

    As for the link, I know who they are. And I feel that taking advice on how to run a society from them would actually be less valid than taking it from the Bush brigade, or indeed Jim Jones.

  15. Actually, I think there’s a fair overlap there, Metro.

    Archie, glad that’s all settled. SG, I think your Texan put it very well. All enthusiasts are bores at some point, and cutting them some slack is an acceptable option. I only get PO’d when they try to control other people. I mean, this woman is not only neurathenic and self-centered enough to be in a Woody Allen movie, she’s also controlling; SOMEBODY alerted the press, and you can bet it wasn’t Sanja Gould.

  16. This is late, but the Starbuck’s representative wasn’t exactly truthful when she referred to saying someone’s religion “may well be a figment of our imaginations” as being “respectful.” The statement on the cup was intentionally insulting towards people of faith. The addition of the word “may” is merely a smokescreen and an built-in excuse from the backlash they *knew* was bound to happen.

    But, most bigots do not consider their views as prejudice because they view the targets of their prejudice as lesser beings. In this case, Christians.

    And no, I’m not a Christian. As a matter of fact, I’ve used statements similar to the ones on the cup solely for the purpose of insulting Christians that got on my nerves or tried to push their religion on me.

    “Door, ass, you know how it goes.” – Isn’t that *exactly* what she did? What is wrong with not spending your money with an organization that insults your beliefs, imaginary or not?

    “That crazed, outraged, apparently-constipated-on-at-least-the-spiritual-level customer had better pray to her God that she encounter only such kind and mannerly spokespeople in the future, because if she ever crosses my path I’ll be bringing out the nukes.”

    Wow. The woman was (understandably) insulted and said she wouldn’t shop there any more. That article could not be any less benign. *You* have made it more interesting though. “Histrionic Overreaction” indeed.

    I have to give you props for the “fucktards” comment, though… mainly because that’s my favorite word. :)

  17. A long and thoughtful comment that, nonetheless, manages to completely misunderstand what actually occurred. I encourage people to spend their dollars at stores that do not offend them, and I have no problem with the woman not shopping there anymore and telling them why. That’s a GOOD thing.

    I have a problem with people who do overreact and start a media campaign to attack a store and paint it, wrongly, as malevolent, just because it encourages the expression of all kinds of thought, not just those she agrees with.

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