four nuclear towers assplode! with video!

Chapelcross towers falling down, falling down, falling down...

Am I being sensationalistic here? Perhaps a tad.

After all, the destruction of the 60 year old towers at the Chapelcross Nuclear Power Plant in Scotland was scheduled, professionally carried out, non-nuclear in nature, and the towers were out of commission not to mention enriched Uranium- and Plutonium-free.

But they blowed up good. They blowed up real good!

Here’s the BBC slideshow, should the YouTube prove too zippy a perspective for your nuclear tower blowing up pleasure.

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10 thoughts on “four nuclear towers assplode! with video!

  1. It is. It may have residual radiation, though. In fact, quite likely it does. I would NOT want to live in a housing estate built on top of that ground, no way. I have too many friends who’ve worked with radioactivity to take it casually.

  2. Her Grace la Marchioness

    Your Grace

    Sic transit gloria mundi

    Here in Derbyshire (the best of Counties) we have just blown up 3 Cooling Towers

    It would have been awesome but the local Martians (a Mercian expression meanng “Health & Safety Inspectors”) insisted on this happening at night when no-one could see it and everyone was abed (except the local Burglars & Health Inspectors on overtime)

    The Martians were worried that Drivers on the nearby road might be distracted

    … but we have 5 more Cooling Towers nearby – due for demolition and not near a busy Highway

    mmmm …. something forward to look

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G Eagle

  3. These are just water cooling towers. They cool hot water that’s come from the power generation process before it goes back through the power station again. I don’t know why they keep being referred to as “nuclear towers”. Yes, they are situated at a nuclear power station but then again, so is the kettle in their canteen and that is not a “nuclear kettle” and their carpark is not a “nuclear carpark”, the employees’ mobile phones are not “nuclear mobile phones” etc etc.

    The use of the term “nuclear towers” is sensationalism.

  4. Yes, they are cooling towers: cooling towers for the hot water which is a byproduct of a nuclear reactor. They don’t exist for any other reason. Parking lots do exist for other reasons, as do kettles.

    Sensationalism??? On THIS blog? Oh, perish the thought!

    Speaking of nuclear sensationalism:

    The Windscale Disaster

    The fission reactors had a straightforward air-cooled configuration which allowed each one to exhaust its excess heat through a tall chimney.

    Just hot air, going out through a chimney. Resulting in…

    The remote detection equipment seemed to be malfunctioning, so two plant workers donned protective equipment and hiked to the reactor to inspect it in person. When they arrived, they were alarmed to discover that the interior of the uranium-filled reactor was ablaze.

    Just chimneys.

  5. These are not “Nuclear towers” they are just cooling towers with hot water. No radioactive material in them.

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