he’s got balls…and he wants you to eat them

portrait of the artist as a young head of livestock 

Well you gotta admit it’s the most creative use of liposuctioned human fat you’ve ever heard of. It can’t ALL end up puffing up Lindsay‘s pout.

And it’s Art!

Marco Evaristti, a Chilean/Israeli/Danish conceptual artist (oh, aren’t they all) underwent liposuction (to, from the looks of him, no avail) and made the suctioned human fat into meatballs, which he then fried in olive oil, displayed in a gallery, and canned.

Then it starts to get weird.

“What I’m trying to do with these works is to give society a jolt and make it ask questions,” the 44-year-old said in a telephone interview from Denmark, where he lives with his wife and children.

“And it can answer those questions, and in that way maybe we can be a little better as human beings.”

Evaristti’s meatballs piece consists of 13 tins of the meat on a long table, in an echo of Christ’s last supper.

He says the work is about the sanctity of the body and an unhealthy modern obsession with food and weight loss.

“Firstly, I want to show people that meatballs made with my fat are no more disgusting than the meatballs you buy in the supermarket,” he said.

“Secondly, it’s a dialogue with a modern society that lives to eat, rather than eating to live as it should be.

“You eat, and when you’re fat, you go to a clinic, have an operation, have your fat removed and you start to eat again.”

When he displayed the piece in Chile, Evaristti invited 12 people to join him in eating the meatballs in a last supper.

How did they taste? “Even better than my grandmother’s,” he said.

In all honesty, now I’m hungry!

Would you eat those meatballs?

I absolutely would; I would be so irrationally excited at a chance to eat those goddammed meatballs you cannot possibly imagine it because if you tried to cram all that joy between your ears and run it through your little grey cells it your head would assplode! Like the Death Star! With paranoia and magnesium flares and Wookiee co-pilots and a bombastic, derivative John Williams score playing in Dolby Surroundsound!

It would be teh ossum.

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11 thoughts on “he’s got balls…and he wants you to eat them

  1. “Tacky” is not exactly the word I would have used for that. “Tacky” describes the fashion and grooming choices of Dolly Parton and Jessica Simpson and Jordan, and it may even be accurate when discussing the choice to serve a jellied salad and macaroni tuna casserole at a dinner party, but it in no way does justice to the idea of eating human flesh in the company of the human who provided the flesh.

  2. Have to agree with you there raincoaster, I was thinking of the choice of the last supper image. What’s a more suitable word? Sick.

  3. “Take this, all of you, and eat it. This is my body, which will be given up for you.

    Take this, all of you, and drink it: this is my blood …”

    Sounds pretty sick to me. And transubstantiation makes sure it happens each and every time.

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