ten THOUSAND tentacles!

Well, plenty anyway.redwoods

It’s just under a month to my actual birthday and the virtual presents are already piling up under the ol’ raincoaster birthday tree.

First of all, the world is finally showing the lolgoths some love, with links from France, Germany, and the republics of laughing squid, loltapirs, lolbuffy, and lolnin. And WordPress.com top posts, finally; everybody is completely verklempt about the Marilyn/Dita thing. Even if they DID downvote it to minus two on reddit. Goths have no sensa huma.

Gawker used something I sent them, which is like the second time in history after the sure thing booze post from Cold Desert.

And today, they gave me this:


Seriously, does it look like she just whipped those out of her Wonderbra or what? I adore the fact that the lipstick perfectly matches the octopi. How cute is that? I can picture the makeup artist at the Dior counter, holding shade after shade up to the octo-hides…

Oh wait, I just remembered that octopi can change colour to match their backgrounds. Obviously these were slate grey or plaid or sumpin until she picked them up and then their little octobrains said OMG we’re totally clashing here, gimme a sec, and poof, perfect camouflage!

But topping even Padma’s ‘Pussies is the mighty, roaring tsunami of tentacles that Stiletto Girl posted for me over on her blog. Click and marvel at this amazing roundup; in true SG style, every single one of the octopi is completely starkers. Nekkid as the day it was borned! VVNSFAquarium! You’ve been warned!

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10 thoughts on “ten THOUSAND tentacles!

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  2. Heh heh – Well everyone is more than invited! – tell him the first round’s on me… (As long as the second round is on him of course)

    Nice pair in that pic by the way – of octopi of course

  3. Of course. I shall pass along your message. If I could make it, I’d go. If you tell people Padma’s coming and she’s bringing her octopussies, the place will be jammed. With sushi enthusiasts, of course.

  4. I’m thrilled you love my little octopussy piece!

    Now – Rushdie gets to tap THAT? HOLY SHIT and people question my taste in men! At least my old farts are visually palatable!

    I never thought I would say this but even my funny looking Uncle K is better looking than Rushie! Oh the horror!

  5. Handsome news raincoaster… Padma and her octopussies will eb an even bigger hit than me in a Tony Blair mask. Botay!

  6. “Seriously, does it look like she just whipped those out of her Wonderbra or what?”

    This is wonderful. It makes me think about Medusa with snakes on her head and turning to stone. What power would a goddess with octopus breasts have, I wonder…

    Oh, oh, and the look on the face of the man unhooking that particular bra…


  7. Apparently she doesn’t have the power to keep her husband faithful. You’d think the tentacles would help with that sort of thing, but no. She’ll probably marry a rich Japanese tentacle porn fetishist next.

    I believe she’s divorced, but she may be merely legally separated. Whatever it is, she’s single. Bound to be the hit of any party.

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