Nancy Drew in pregnancy shocker!

There goes the last of my childhood heroes. All I can say is, wow, that must have been quite the party. Can’t wait for the first grainy cellcam footage to show up on YouTube.

Nancy Drew’s impregnation

Actually, who am I kidding? Nancy had a stick up her ass the size of the Washington Monument. Trixie Belden was the cool one.

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13 thoughts on “Nancy Drew in pregnancy shocker!

  1. I know that almost everyone of a certain age is familiar with Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Trixie Beldon. But what relevancy does a male protagonist, like Tom Swift have with respect to this post?

  2. because those books were from the same era and aimed at the same general age range..

    Plus the fact that, if Nancy Drew were ‘knocked up,’ wouldn’t it be funny if a male protagonist with the last name Swift were the ‘knocker’? Almost as funny as someone named Hardy . . .

    Not to mention Swift’s possibly related adventure, “Tom Swift and the Cave of Nuclear Fire.

    It was a joke.

  3. Yeah, and anyone reading Dostoyevsky is about 100 years old. And anyone reading the Bible must be ever so ancient!

    Having read and enjoyed some Swiftian saga myself, I suppose I’m about 70 or so. ‘Cos everyone knows that as books age they wrinkle up and become unreadable or something, right?

  4. Slow down and read for comprehension, dear. He said Tom Swift was contemporary with Nancy Drew. This is true only if the publishing house buried all those Nancy Drew titles that were written by Emily Dickinson. You’re awful touchy lately.

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