Fundamental Islam finally goes too far!

I’m SO enraged about this, you have no idea. And it happened in Seattle, of all places!

Fundies! Bah! It’s not enough that they try to prevent girls from getting an education, cover women’s faces, and consequently subject Chanel cosmetics to vast overpricing in the finer Gulf department stores.


Now they’ve finally done it. Forcing this gorgeous creature to cover up! Congrats to Archie on finding photographic evidence of this outrageous suppression of natural beauty.

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Octopus in a habaya

What’s a Giant Pacific Octopus to do, I ask you?

She can’t help it if the sight of her long, lithe limbs drives men into a frenzy. Oh, I understand her pain all too well. Strip off that burqa and slither like a free cephalopod, Sister!

18 thoughts on “Fundamental Islam finally goes too far!

  1. Don’t forget the ten paces behind, eyes downcast, part. Octopi must be kept in their place.

    The Jews have the correct prayer, still prayed daily by the Jewish male, “Blessed art thou, O Lord our God and King of the Universe, that thou didst not create me a womanoctopod.”

  2. FUNDIE!!! I make that sound Donald Sutherland made in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, while pointing at you.
    It’s the humans who should walk behind. While drowning.

    UPDATE: oooh, they hate this one on reddit. Minus four: I think that’s the most I’ve ever been minused! This even beat my lolgoths! Those Muslim-haters are so hard to please!

  3. In the year 584 CE, in Lyons, France, forty-three Catholic bishops and twenty men representing other bishops, at the Council of Macon held a most peculiar debate: “Are Women octopi Human?” After many lengthy arguments, a vote was taken. The results were: thirty-two, yes; thirty-one, no. Women octopi were declared human by one vote!

    I’m surprised there are any Muslim-haters out there at the moment. Everyone seems to be absent – my stats are down by over 70% in the past 24 hours. Maybe that is why your reddit figures are minus.

  4. eteraz, it’s those damn wahabis!

    G Eagle, These are Americans we’re talking about. They’re not ready for Greek. We haven’t even bought them dinner.

    max, simply EVERYONE is going to rehab nowadays.

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  6. Oh, this should be fun. I hope I get a lot of red-faced Aryan Nations types going “huh?” Top Posts is a laugh riot.

    But WHY didn’t they pick my beautiful Indiana Jones and the Call of Cthulhu??? EH?

  7. That’s basically the reaction I was going for with this post.

    What I don’t understand are all the Diggers and redditers who say “oh, that’s stupid.” Yes, it’s stupid. That’s the point.

    Well, that and baiting the Muslim-haters. I hope they’re so confused they have to drown their sorrows in horrible American beer. That’s a hideous fate, American beer.

  8. I was going to leap in there and try to defend American beer except, um, I do not drink American beer. Oops.

    Hey wait don’t you guys make Moosehead? Some people call that beer right?

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