overallistas unite!


We’re coming out of the closet and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.

Yes, overall-wearers of the world, stand proudly, shoulder to denim-suspender-clad shoulder and tell the world, “You made us look at your bloody Crocs, for god’s sake, so suck it!

Vote and support the movement on Daddy Likey (via the Manolo). First we take back the overalls, then we emancipate the backpacks (but definitely not together, nor with cardigans or jackets; do you have any idea how long it would take you to pee in that rig?)!

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46 thoughts on “overallistas unite!

  1. If I looked like that in overalls I would probably never wear anything else.

    Tragically, I look like the paper boy in overalls.

  2. Not until we can get reporters on the scene with cameras. Think of the YouTube fame that awaits you!

    Notice that at no point have I mentioned what I look like in overalls. Rest assured, however, that if I wore them the way this woman does, bits of my anatomy that were never meant to see the light of day would be seeing daylight, and that’s just not something we want to subject anyone to.

  3. “You made us look at your bloody Crocs, for god’s sake, so suck it!“

    That brightened my day.

  4. Thank you. I think a lot of people need to hear that.

    Surprisingly, this is one of the Top Posts on WordPress right now. Who knew that overallistas were such a silent majority?

  5. Hi every overallistas

    as my name indicates, I am wearing overalls all the time on campus, in town, everywhere except security control in airports, take a look on my blog and make a comment on overalls, I am so happy to see that I am not the only one. In my city here in Norway, I am the only one wearing them on cafés etc. but a proud loner, no longer shy to show my bibs !

  6. You are an inspiration to us all. But you need to drop a link to your blog, bibprofessor. Also, Norway is a little out there in terms of being okay with the crazy, but if overalls are a step too far you could always move to Denmark: they’re too drunk to notice what you’re wearing.

    Ah, I see it.


  7. Hi Raincoaster

    Thanks, I am actually a Dane !!haha , moved up here 12 years ago, neither here nor in Denmark, they actually dont care what you are wearing or if they do, I dont care (being an old man !!) but I also wear biker leather jacket, bought cheap at thrift stores many years ago, even if I am not a biker (dont have a bike !!), and some people stares at me, but now being proud to be what I am, I just enjoy it (and my sons at last appreciate their freaky dad!)

  8. Yes, the appeal of a good leather jacket is the true International Language.

    Here in Vancouver, a good used one sells for more than a new one, because people want the broken-in look.

  9. I must come to Vancouver some day ! I usually buy all my clothes in thrift stores in Mission, San Francisco, when I am visiting Berkeley, really good prices, except flight Norway-US,but luckily my university pays that !

  10. thanks, I am afraid I will not have any excuse for going there this year, but perhaps next year, we could have an overallistas subcamp ! I will go to SF in October and do my shopping (and my job!!) and if you buy all your clothes once a year for a good price, it isn’t that expensive even including flight ticket ! btw, take a look on y moblog http://moblog.co.uk/blogs.php?start=40&show=10879 and see me in overalls for Christmas !

  11. I have just started to wear a red cap from the MET opera, suiting very well to my blue bibs and black and red (inside) leather jacket, so lets go for all 3, no problem, but I am also excited about when I will see another person in overalls here in Scandinavia ! I mean apart from pregnant women, farmers and craftsmen

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  13. Listen, honey, you have to have a slender body to pull this off. When your boobs and butt stick out like a porn star’s, well, it look as if you’re trying too hard.

  14. Hi raincoaster
    how are you, and you are right, wearing overalls having some stomach is just a matter of relaxing, no matter what. Some Danish friends came and visited me a week ago and almost convinced me that in order to be recognized as a serious guy in business, I should leave my overalls behind and start with shirts, dress jacket, trench coat and all that stuff, but one day later, I said, nope, overalls is simply still the best, not least when you walk with a backpack !
    so overalls for all ! any age etc. etc.

  15. Hi again
    yes, I totally agree, I really think the cutout overalls are ugly and it irritates that the picture with the guy comes up so often when you sometimes “google” on overalls

  16. agree, it would be better if she was nude ! apart from that, I am sitting in my morning café in my Key overalls enjoying the feeling of having a relaxed body covered by well worn denim ! that’s paradise! (not hell !! as one mentioned)

  17. Hi I am working on making an international overalls day together with another overalls addict, notquitejunecleaver, see on my blog

  18. If we look historically at the last 30 or so years, we will find that overalls come into fashion around the 3rd year of a new decade (1993, 2003) and last about four years… so with that in mind, girls will be wearing overalls again in 2013 (i am hoping for sooner, but i have been hoping for overalls to stay in fashion every time they go out of style)

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