quiz: what part of the immune system are you?

I’m totally psyched; this is SO me.

The immune system has many distinct parts that perform their own functions. They each sort of have a unique personality.

Are you a member of the body’s defence system? Do you have what it takes? Which one are you? After a few questions, you could be a certified body cell!

Which part of the immune system are you?

Your Result: Memory T cell



You make note of what infection attacked and provide immunity against later attacks. You’re normally good at remembering things and sometimes bring up an event everyone else forgot. You’re also a survivor fan, aren’t you.

Helper T cell






Killer T cell



Suppressor T cell









B cell



Which part of the immune system are you?
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Congratulations on becoming a member of the wonderful disease fighting team! Whether you are making antigens or cleaning up afterwards, you perform an important part in a defence and your personality is important to society!

Also: if only I knew how to make these damn Myspace quizzes work. What’s up with this HTML?

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6 thoughts on “quiz: what part of the immune system are you?

  1. Which part of the immune system are you?
    Your Result: Antibody

    You latch on to antigens. Your mom was a B cell, good at making things. So your mom is a pretty good cook. You make sure once someone has done something wrong they can’t do it again. You’re a pretty good person but a little clingy.

    As long as they don’t wear bras or leather bodices . . . .

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