if I can’t have a pony

me wantssssssssss it, preciousssssssssssss. Isn’t it loverly?

It’ll be just the thing to wear to meetings with government funding agencies.

Bob Basset from, apparently, Y’ha-nthlei or environs, presents his latest artwork:

Cthulhu Mask front

Cthluhu Mask side

blame engtech at Internet Duct Tape for feeding my addiction!

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19 thoughts on “if I can’t have a pony

  1. Oh dear! That such blasphemy could be. Where is the vaguely anthropoid body, the unearthly angles and the deep-sea slime? More importantly, I do not see a soul-stealing implement anywhere.

  2. It’s telekinetic, silly! And you rip the top of their brain pans off with your claws and suck the grey matter out with your tentacles.

    Honestly, what do they teach you in school down there?

  3. What they teach us? Why, they teach us that it is all a fable. That even if it is real that it has been satisfied with a meal of Karl Rove. That it has left the South Pacific depths and is stalking the east coast of North America where the souls are loosely attached.

    But it is all a fable.

    Isn’t it?

  4. Ewwww. The mention of Uri Geller is interesting. Spoon bending must involve heat and I theorised today (on the archive) that Global Warming may be occurring from under the oceans as something stirs.

  5. It’s the kinetic energy as all the sea creatures flail madly in their death throes. That’s why they caught the Colossal Squid and the Frilled Shark this year, both creatures of the deeps: They were fleeing Cthulhu!

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