I hate it when BoingBoing is on something before I am. Once! Once in six months! Time for some affirmations.

My self-esteem is intact. I am worthy. I have the respect of the Cthulummunity and the admiration of my peers. Yes, I do.

And I’m not defensive, either.

Bloody hell. Here, several days late, is the brazilliant, step by step photodocumentation of the creation of the immortal Origami Cthulhu!

Sometimes I think the most merciful thing in the world is the inability of human fingers to call into being the greatest of the Great Old Ones. We live in an origami-versions-of-Elder-Gods-free world, and it is not meant that we should fold.

Cthulhu origami

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8 thoughts on “Cthulhugami

  1. However delicately folded it is, it looks incredibly ugly…in a scary way. Just why exactly would Cthuhu need toes to his feet (or feet at all)? Isn’t he supposed to sort of sludge along like a giant slime ball? These toes are really the scariest part of it…

  2. They are rather dainty, aren’t they? But no, he IS supposed to have toes: it’s the Shoggoths who have pseudopods. But his toes have six-foot long claws on them. He must have gotten a pedi.

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