Henry Rollins, cyberpatriot

Sometimes, there’s just no other words for it but “Baby Hewey-faced motherfuckers screwing over our country,” and no better messenger of the divine truth than Henry. Fucking. Rollins.


Transcript coming soon. And yes, it must be admitted I got this from BoingBoing.

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21 thoughts on “Henry Rollins, cyberpatriot

  1. ME! ME! ME FIRST!!!

    The one night I didn’t go out on a Martini Tour with my friend Raj was the one night that they bumped into guess who? I was sick, but I’d rather have died than miss that, dammit.

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  3. Henry could do better than the Dixie Chicks – they lack focus in their dissent. Henry’s a synthetic, flaw-free ruby gas laser of dissent. The DC’s would disintegrate either under or on top of Henry . . .

  4. Henry’s message will, unfortunately fall on deaf ears. For the internets to remain open and free, it would need all bloggers to agree to vote for a party which decides to keep it all free and open.

    Can you see cao joining with anyone even near the centre of politics?

    In unity is strength and the only unified groups are the elected representatives.

  5. He’s good, raincoaster! Dead easy to lip read too, he spits those consonents. Does she have a regular TV comedy show in the US? If so, please find a spot for him every week :

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  7. Yeah, somehow Henry Rollins as a drag queen is well into the unimaginable realm, even for those of us blessed with a surfeit of imaginacity. Although it certainly would spice up that “breeding with the Dixie Chicks and raincoaster” video.

    Henry doesn’t do comedy. Henry only does tragedy. He’s a punk rock and spoken word icon, and he is COMING BACK TO VANCOUVER AND THERE IS NO WAY I AM MISSING IT THIS TIME IF I HAVE TO CHEW THROUGH THE DOORMAN.

  8. Also, Archie, all it takes is for one nation to hold out. Then all the internet companies will host servers there and it’ll become the Monaco of the Information Age and the others, impoverished, will have to capitulate. I hope it’s Canada.

  9. I think he does do comedy, raincoaster, even in this clip. When he’s raging about the obscenity of politicians he verbally beats them up, turns their power against them and humiliates them and that is funny.

    There’s another dimension to the humour too for me, that’s the language Henry uses when he beats them up. I’ve seen M*therf*cker used in US films, but don’t think I’ve ever seen it used publicly and verbally against politicians in England. I’ve seen it used on Guido’s and other sites, but, not verbally, that’s still quite rare here. So I think most English people who aren’t shocked by the expression would find it funny.

  10. Yes, it’s true he has done comedy. It’s just that I prefer the enraged Henry to the buffoon Henry. Hell, he dated Exene; he must have a sensa huma (and a high tolerance for abuse).

  11. Step-out of the MUNDANE, experience the SANE:

    WARNING: crazy GWB plans to attack Iran, thus, soon martial law will be put into effect when that happens; one week?? before November 4th, ’08, be ready for a ‘coup d’etat’ (overthrow of government). Doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, live free or die.

    I believe this to be true, everything fits, too: the coming of Christ, the vitriolic chaos in the middle east, the FEMA/foreign troops on standby, the 9/11 ‘terrorist’ attack, the Prez who LIEd like a rug, the concentration camps in our country but nobody in them, the superficial feces on your TV to blind you from reality, the way our youth have lost touch with sanity, etc, etc, etc…

    Let’s hope this never happens, but if a ‘coup’ (French, pronounced: ‘koo’) occurs in our own nation like I’m pretty sure it will, what’re you gonna do?? You gonna stand and fight?? or be rounded-up like sheep to be led to the slaughter?? Six months. Chop, chop.

  12. Gee, otto. Thank you for the French pronunciation of the French word. I was actually born in France.

    My country? What makes you think we’re in the same country?

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