Brian Atene: don’t cry for me, Chris Crocker

Or, do. Don’t hold back, bro. Let it out. We’re all upset Atene isn’t releasing any new vids.

At last, YouTube Superstars Brian Atene and Chris Crocker: together again for the first time!

via Defamer, and btw did you know that the heretofor dignified FFE is one of Chris Crocker’s neighbors? Oh yes, thereby hangs a tale, no doubt. By its pink frosted acrylic nails.

[UPDATE: POOPYCACA: the eedjut took it down.
I post it and within half an hour, he’s kilt it. Did we ever go out? No reason I ask…]

Here’s your consolation prize: an apparently naked, fully mature
and partially drunk Brian Atene performing a scene from Brokeback Mountain

and his original audition tape (also known as Good DAY, Mister Kubrick) is here

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2 thoughts on “Brian Atene: don’t cry for me, Chris Crocker

  1. Yeah, I can’t believe the guy took it down shortly after I posted it! It was a mashup of Brian Atene’s audition tape and Chris Crocker sobbing. It was epic!

    Oh well, here’s the audition tape, if you’re wondering who in hell Brian Atene is. I’m Team Atene all the way!

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