Quick filler boogie post

I am, thanks to the crisis-aversion actions taken by, respectively in order of the order they action-took, devblog, Sean Heather, and The Sister, getting my groove back, somewhat. Sean also stuffed me with exotic meats and cheeses (a godsend to those of us who live with raw vegan chef-types; my cholesterol count was getting dangerously low) while Kurtis plied me with succulent sherry so rich and voluptuous that Jay-Z tried to chat it up. Ah, I love working for the hospitality industry!

In any case, here’s a nice ten-minute Mylene Farmer megamix to both express the return of my groovitude and uh, fill the blog up and hold you until I write something better. And now I’m off to hit the grocery store like Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Oh, there will be Brie on the ceiling by the time I’m done with it, you wait and see! I am the Sam Peckinpah of shoppers!

7 thoughts on “Quick filler boogie post

  1. And you know what? I didn’t even buy any goddam cheese!

    But tomorrow I’m hitting Save On Meats, where they sell blue cheese so blue it’s practically indigo (and sentient) for three bucks a half-pound, and meats at prices that make you wonder if it’s not just something they caught and killed in the alley out back. And then I’m going to La Grotto del Formaggio, which is run by a very entertaining Italian family that cannot agree among them on what kind of cheese it is that you really want, but they all know it’s not the one you asked for and they’re damn well gonna give you some feedback on it.

  2. Mylene Farmer is DEAD hot. Still. It’s just not fair.

    Thank you SO much. Not only have you helped avert a financial crisis, you’ve reaffirmed my faith in human nature. My sister is, of course, my sister, so she’s stuck with me. Sean Heather owed me money for a job I did for him (but he did ask if I wanted an advance on future jobs, which was sweet, and he made damn sure I got fed). You not only completely redesigned and vastly improved my blog for free, you donated cash. I literally cannot thank you enough.

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