Britney’s Sex Tape and Post Odds

The Gambler

The deal is this, although Metro doesn’t know the deal. At one time he did, but that was at least six beers ago, and now he knows nothing other than what I tell him and that includes original additions to the Cthulhu Mythos, to which he furrows his brow and goes…uh…wait…hold on…and I hand him another beer and objections are quickly forgotten.

There was also an attempt by his wife to add aliens and various other restrictions to the blog posts, but they are hereby overruled.

Anyway, the deal is that after drinking beer throughout the viewing of Two Days in the Valley, Tapeheads, and Phil the Alien, we would blog, and we would go hit-to-hit on brand, spanking new posts.

And as you know I’m all about the hits.

Okay, 2:20 in the morning is not the best time to get hits, but there are worse.

Reading his post, which he finished at great apparent effort while I answered four comments and three questions in the technical help forum, googled the image of a loser, uploaded it to Photobucket, and worked on this post, it appears that he thinks the issue is simple coherence, which any fool knows a drunk can achieve simply by imitating Hemingway.

And so I ask you to evaluate Metro’s post either in light of total hits OR in light of its ability to evoke Hemingway.

He’s got some 80’s dreck music playing, so I’ve cranked up the Mylene Farmer Megamix. Thank god for YouTube; it’s impossible to find MP3’s in this world, but you can always find YouTubes.

And since I titled this post so specifically, we can be certain that it will draw at least a finite number of readers. Deluded, misguided readers, it is true. But readers nonetheless.

Howdy, y’all!

9 thoughts on “Britney’s Sex Tape and Post Odds

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  2. Really, looking at the wreckage the morning after, it was a truly colossal amount of beer. Even by my reconing…although that wasn’t the end of my consumption by any means…

  3. Ah yes. The famous ceremonial Moving of the Goalposts, ideally after your opponent has gone to bed.

    As has been previously noted, Raincoaster is all about the hits. Metroblog is not so. So why in the world would anyone who could handle her beer ever think I’d deliberately compare my hits to yours?

    And why would anyone who could maintain control of her fingers after a couple of tinnies imagine I’d compare my blog to hers on the grounds of coherence? Discerning Avid Fans know full well that I post more coherently fully jugged than you do stone cold sober.

    Ah … I suddenly realize that I have implied that Raincoaster can handle her beer …

  4. No-one wants to embarrass Raincoaster on her own blog, it seems.

    That built-in head-to-head advantage? Were you referring to your extra heads?

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