guns don’t kill people

Guns don’t kill people

from the WOW report, which I found by doing my daily slog in the salt mines, during which I admire my manicure and listen to loud music and eat snack foods and drink refreshing beverages and get paid to read gossip blogs.

It’s a brutal job, but somebody’s got to do it.

16 thoughts on “guns don’t kill people

  1. He does. I think it was the Times that did a visual slideshow of his wigs throughout the trial. Now they’re probably gonna have another whole swack of wigs to go through. I liked his “lesbian hillary” look.

  2. Strangely, you are not the first person to suggest that the hair generates some kind of protective force field.

    Also: welcome. We are all about the apes lately on this blog.

  3. Yeah, ‘cos it’s not like any of her friends ever told her he was inclined to get pissed and wave guns around …

    They did?

    Oh … forget it, then.

    The really interesting thing to me is: How many stamps do you have to have on your celeb-u-card to get a jury to let you off?

    It seems like the recognizable high-rollers like Hilton and poor, abused ol’ Britney can’t get a break. They keep getting slapped for silly little DUI’s child abuse, etc.

    But c-lister has-beens like Schecter, OJ, and Robert Blake seem able to get away with murder, as it were.

    At exactly what point on the roller-coaster of celebutard success is it possible to kill and get off scot-free?

    Not that it’s important, you understand. It’s just this troublesome houseguest …

  4. Well, I’ll fess up that I just started on the vodka. LIke blogging, once I start, I really hate stopping.

    Now, isn’t it interesting that a well known madam made a surprise appearance? So tell me, are the pieces of the puzzle starting to fit or what?

    BTW, I know what state I’m committing murder in…

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